A few days ago I shared the new Party Time Cut Above Layout Kit from Close To My Heart. On that day I showed a picture of the layout I had made with this Kit and then shared a Card Workshop that I designed out the same Kit. I absolutely love this Party Time Cut Above Layout Kit! It’s so much fun to use that I just couldn’t stop creating with it. If you missed the previous post about the cards, click here to take a look. I was able to create 20 different cards from this Kit originally designed for scrapbooking. So fun!

The colors and accessories in the Party Time Cut Above Layout Kit are really bright and festive. Best part about the Kit…everything comes ready to assemble. There’s no cutting or figuring out what goes where on your layout. The pieces are all pre-printed with easy to follow instructions for putting it all together. Even the page protectors are included in the Kit, so it’s literally completing pages in about 15 minutes and adding them to your album. That’s so fantastic!

You start out with Background & Texture Paper, pre-printed layering pieces and artwork, stickers, and Picture My Life Cards. The parts and pieces in the Kit look something like this.





This is how my scrapbook layout turned out after assembling the pages and adding my photos.





The pictures I used are from my 50th birthday celebration last summer with some very special family and friends. It was a great day, and I loved capturing the story with this Kit. Everything about the colors and party icons says happy, and it most certainly was a happy celebration!

Now, we often have more than three photos for a party, right? Well, the Party Time Cut Above Layout Kit is ready for lots of storytelling. The Kit comes with a set of 12 coordinating Picture My Life cards and Pocket Page Memory Protectors to make it quick and easy to preserve all the details of your celebration.

I’ve had a few questions about using the Picture My Life Cards and Pocket Page Memory Protectors, so I thought I would just quickly share how I am adding them to my album. There are several ways you can do this. Since everything is color coordinated and has similar icons, the theme carries all the way through the pages and they look great together, however you mix-and-match them.

One option is to put the layout shown above into your album and then follow it with the additional pocket pages for the rest of your party photos. Another option, which is what I have chosen for these pages, is to kind of sandwich the Pocket Pages in between the layout pages. That way the layout kind of frames the whole story, from start to finish.

So in my album, the pages look something like this.






I still need to go in and add my journaling, but I think you can get a feel for how fast it becomes to scrapbook my memories when I use these Cut Above Layout Kits. I don’t even have to crop photos or anything. With the Pocket Page Memory Protectors I can just slide in standard 4″ x 6″ prints, alternate with colorful, themed Pictures My Life cards and I have a finished pages to put into my album that captures my memorable moments.

With this kind of memory keeping option, everyone can scrapbook! It’s perfect for busy people, young people, older people, girls, boys…everyone! We all have stories to tell, and Cut Above Layout Kits make it doable. I would encourage you to order a Party Time Cut Above Kit today and try it out. I think you will find this type of scrapbooking fantastic for getting your photos and stories into your albums…Faster. Simpler. Easier.



You can order Party Time Cut Above Layout Kits

on my website. Click here to shop online.



If you missed the Party Time Card Workshop I designed with this Cut Above Layout Kit, click here. You can make the cards, too. I have a Workshop Guide with easy to follow instructions that I send you FREE when you place a $25 order on my website. Or you can contact me directly to order a Workshop Kit that I can mail to you. The Workshop Kit is $20, plus tax and shipping.





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