Recently I shared a project with you creating personalize and customized burlap bags in different sizes for the holidays. It is amazing how many different ways I have seen burlap used in home decor’ projects lately; pillows, wreathes, table settings, advent calendars…just everything this fall. And it looks like it is going to be big into the Christmas holidays, too.

I thought for today I might share tips for creating your own burlap banners. I have been in several quaint little gift boutiques recently and found where you can purchase individual pennants with different letters on them to spell out whatever message you would like to have on a banner. Typically each letter costs about $7.00 each. So to do the banner you see below it would have cost me $49.00.

Knowing how easy it is to create stencils from the negative space left when you cut letters out on a Cricut machine I was sure I could make my own banners with Close To My Heart products that would be much more affordable. The “Give thanks” banner that you see below is the first banner I made. I love it. It was so easy. There’s no sewing required. It’s a quick do-it-yourself project that I’m excited to share with you.


Thanksgiving Burlap Banner


Making the banner myself was a whole lot more cost effective. I spent $1.50 on a half yard of burlap, which was a lot more fabric than I needed to this one banner. The other Close To My Heart supplies I used are Base and Bling Adhesive Strips, Pigment Inks (with 40 colors to choose from), Sponge Daubers, Baker’s Twine or Hemp, and a letters cut from my CTMH Cricut Artbooking Cartridge of choice.


Here are the steps to making your own burlap banner.


STEP 1: Make a triangle out of cardstock that will be the pattern you use to cut out the pennant shapes that will hang from your banner. I used an 8″ x 10″ piece of cardstock, folded it in half lengthwise, and then cut it diagonally from corner to corner. This makes a nice even triangle shape.

STEP 2: Use the cardstock triangle pattern to cut the burlap into pennants. You need one pennant for each letter or word that makes up your final message.

STEP 3: Place a strip of Base and Bling Adhesive all the way across the top edge of each pennant. (See photo below.)  The Base and Bling strips have adhesive on both sides. Once you have placed it across the top you just peel the backing off, fold it over about an inch, and press it down to make the pocket. This is the pocket you will run the Baker’s Twine through to hang the banner. No sewing needed.


Burlap Banner Step 1


STEP 4: Cut the letter stencils using a CTMH Artbooking Cricut Cartridge. The stencils are simply the negative space that you usually throw away. The cutting size for the letter or shape that you use will depend on the size of the pennants you choose to work on. My letters are about 4″ for this project. If you are going to put a whole word on a pennant (like the word “give” on this banner) then that will be cut smaller to make room for the whole image.

STEP 5: Put a piece of waxed paper or scratch paper behind the burlap pennant before stenciling. Place the stencil shape where you want the letter to be and then fill in the letter shape by sponging black pigment ink onto the burlap with a sponge dauber. (See photo below.) Set the letters aside to dry.


Burlap Banner Step 2


STEP 6: After the letters are dry, set the pennants out so that they are arranged in the right order to spell your message. Thread Baker’s Twine, or Hemp, through the pocket at the top of each pennant. This is what the banner will hang from. I attach one end of the Baker’s Twine to a safety pin to give me something larger to hold onto as I am threading it through the pennant pockets.


Burlap Banner Step 3


STEP 7: Add embellishments. I made simple rosettes out of the Close To My Heart Burlap Ribbon and added them in between each letter. The Burlap Ribbon is great to work with. I wanted these flowers a little smaller so I did cut the ribbon in half and gathered the ribbon along the finished edge. (This is important. If you are gathering on the unfinished edge, the ribbon all unravels. Trust me…I speak from experience.)


Banner Step 4


That’s it. Your banner is now ready to hang. Pretty easy, right? You can custom make the size of your banner, personalize the message, mix fonts, and embellishments. I hope you will have fun trying it out and enjoy sharing the project as well.

And just a little reminder, you can stencil with CTMH Cricut Cartridge shapes and pigment inks on just about anything…cork, bags, fabric…so many options. The picture below shows some more ideas. “Autumn” is cut from the CTMH Artbooking Cricut Cartridge and “HARVEST” is stamped with the CTMH Urban Alphabet font using the same pigment ink.


Autumn Harvest Burlap Bag

Autumn Harvest Burlap Bag


If you missed the post about making personalized drawstring bags for the holidays, just click here.


I hope you enjoy adding a little personal touch to your fall and holiday projects.  Add your email address to the “Stay up to Date” box on the left to receive updates on new projects, tips & techniques, workshops, and special offers. There’s a lot more to come for the holidays. 


  • Krista :) says:

    Your banner is just beautiful Michelle!! I LOVE your creations!!! Thanks for the inspiration!! 🙂

  • arell says:

    How do you keep the burlap from fraying??? I love this!!

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