As you may know, receiving happy mail is a highlight in my day. I especially like days that Studio J boxes arrive at my house. Now that is some seriously happy mail. Another box was delivered on Friday, so I put all of my new Studio J scrapbook pages into an album over the weekend. It’s so great to have an entire trip in a book where I can enjoy the pictures and savor the story of memorable moments. I love it.

I’ve looked through my album several times since I put the pages in, and even shared it with my daughter. I thought I would post a few of the layouts here today, so you could see some pages, too. I’ve been catching up on some of my Close To My Heart trips before I get started on our most recent travel adventures from earlier this month. These pages are kind of a variety of things from a Southern Caribbean Cruise that my daughter enjoyed thanks to Close To My Heart a couple of years ago.


St. Thomas Cover 2013 Studio J Collage PM 2

Treats At Sea Studio J Collage PM 2

A Room With A View Studio J Collage PM 2

Historic Arch San Juan Studio J Collage PM 2

Castillo Fort Studio J Collage PM 2

Evenings At Sea Studio J Collage PM 2


The finished album actually has 27 layouts in it, so these six layouts really are just a small sampling. Looks like a little bit of fun, right? Traveling with Close To My Heart is the best. They take us to new destinations, spoil us with special treats, and definitely help us make more memories that we treasure. Revisiting these vacation memories makes me smile.

I certainly have enjoyed preserving stories and memories with Studio J. Studio J is the online scrapbooking program that Close To My Heart has made available for the last few years. Sadly, it is scheduled to retire at the end of April, so I am creating as much as I can before this digital scrapbooking option is gone. I still have a few more projects in the works that I want to be sure I get printed while I can.

I know many of you have tried Studio J and have enjoyed receiving those boxes of happy mail, too. If you have projects sitting in Studio J that you have in process, please take a few moments to go in and finished them up or order them as soon as possible. That way you can still get your pages to put into albums, too. You don’t want to see them disappear.

I’ll share some more layouts with you over the next few weeks. I’m putting together a few more pages for Sophie’s album, too. True, she is my Yellow Lab, but Sophie has her very own album and I have several more layouts to complete for her book in Studio J. Gotta love her adventures.


If you would like to access Studio J to scrapbook online, just click here.



I received a box of scrapbook pages that I made using Studio J and I just had to share this layout with you. Talk about “happy mail.” When a box of new scrapbook layouts arrives that I’ve made with Close To My Heart’s digital scrapbooking it’s a celebration here. It’s great fun to slip completed pages into an album and enjoy flipping through all those smiles.

This layout is one I particularly enjoy because the pictures are of the amazing CTMH Consultants that I get to work with as part of the Creative Hearts Team. It’s an honor to be the team leader for this incredible group and even more so to share my Close To My Heart journey with them. This layout does make me happy.


Team Convention Studio J Collage 2 PM


Last month many of us were able to meet at Disneyland in California to enjoy the 2015 Annual Close To My Heart Convention together. Getting to see all of these friends is one of my favorite parts of attending Convention. We come together from all over the country each year to be inspired, encouraged, laugh, learn, and have a whole bunch of fun. On this particular morning, we met in the Rose Garden at the Disneyland Hotel. Obviously, pink is our color, and our Creative Hearts Team shirt design added a festive touch to our magical days shared at the Magic Kingdom. So happy.


Team Shirt & Friends Collage


I do think I have one of the best jobs ever. Working with Close To My Heart and the Creative Hearts Team is an absolute blessing. So many smiles, so many delightful people, and so many wonderful opportunities. It’s also pretty cool to have a job where scrapbooking is part of my work day.

I think I may need to create some more scrapbook layouts in Studio J, today. Digital scrapbooking with Studio J is just so quick and easy…and who doesn’t like getting a package filled with smiles like these in the mail. Gotta love it!


If you would like to share in our adventures and be a part of something this totally awesome, email me at


After 22 years with the Close To My Heart company, I can honestly say it is the best, and I would love to share it with you, too.



It’s true, I love to travel and enjoy new adventures. It’s also true that I take a lot of photographs along the way. I like to capture the moment, as well as all of the things that give that particular place it’s own special flavor. Are you the same way? If so, that means you probably have a lot of pictures from your summer adventures already, and it’s only mid-July.

So where have you been this summer? I just got home from Southern California, Disneyland to be exact, where I enjoyed the amazing Close To My Heart Annual Convention…and a couple of days at the Disney Parks, too. I’m getting my photos ready to put all of those magical moments into my next album.


Disney Collage


Before Disneyland, my last travels were to Hawaii where I enjoy some wonderful island adventures and a stay at the Disney Aulani Resort for a trip that I earned with Close To My Heart. Naturally, I took bunches of photos.

The scrapbook I’m working on for Hawaii is turning out to be a combination of classic scrapbook pages and scrapbook pages that I made online using Studio J. I do enjoy paper crafting, so I’ll always do the classic “cut the paper, glue things together, and embellish” sorts of layouts. However, I am really loving how Studio J is helping me complete my stories and preserve the memories a little faster.

Studio J has been perfect for vacations and events where I have a lot of photos, a bigger story to tell, or I want to make copies of my pages to share with family and friends. Not only do I use it to make actual scrapbook layouts, I also use it to print my photos in just the right sizes for my classic scrapbook pages. It’s quick, easy, and I can still creatively personalize the pages as much as I want to.


Would you like to see a couple of pages that I’m getting ready to put in my Hawaii album?


Let’s start with a couple of layouts designed completely in Studio J. I love how easy it is choose papers, colors, size pictures, add journaling, and embellish the pages. It really is as simple as upload the photos, drag and drop…no complicated computer stuff.

Oh…on a side note, I forgot that these pages have white base, so it’s a little hard to tell from these pictures where each page ends. I think you’ll get the idea, though. Just look for the edges of papers or ribbons to help see the spaces.


Hawaii Aulani Resort PM


Hawaii Character Breakfast PM


Hawaii Waterslide PM



These next pages show you how I used the photo Expression Collection in Studio J to print 12″ x 12″ pages full of nothing but photographs. The photos can be any size, including everything from a 1″ x 1″ to a 12″ x 12″ and any combination in between. Not only can I make the pictures the right size, but I can change the direction of the photo, make the subject larger, and even edit or journal right on the print. Gone are the days of cropping a photo with a paper trimmer and not getting it quite the right size. And the color is fantastic, too.


Hawaii Prints 2 PM


Hawaii Prints 1 PM


When the pages arrive, I simply cut them apart and attach the photographs to my classic scrapbook pages. Here are what a couple of the classic scrapbook pages look like after I added some of the pictures you see shown above.


Hawaii With Photos 3 PM

Hawaii With Photos 1 PM

Hawaii with Photos 2 PM


Looking at these pages definitely makes me smile. This Hawaii trip was fabulous. My daughter and I had such a wonderful time there and we will enjoy revisiting our fun-filled days through the pages in this album.

By the way…just curious. Did you notice that the Studio J scrapbook layouts and the classic scrapbook layouts use the same Background & Texture Paper patterns? It’s true. I used “Hopscotch” in both. Studio J is designed to coordinate with all of the Close To My Heart paper packets so you can mix and match pages in your albums while still having everything coordinating. Love it!


If you haven’t tried Studio J, I highly recommend it. It’s free to use. You can go in and create pages just for fun to see how it all works. You do not have to purchase anything until you finish a layout that you would like to have printed. There is no better time than right now to jump in, whether you want to scrapbook full layouts online or just get some perfectly sized photos printed for pages you already have in the works. It’s great. AND….

Between now and July 31 a two-page layout is only $5.




Try Studio J and catch up on some of your travel adventures, family reunions, and summertime fun. Click here to go to Studio J on my website and see how easy it is to create online. Which also kind of makes it a perfect way to scrapbook as you travel. You don’t need any of your extra crafting supplies…just your pictures from the day and wi-fi. Hmmm…so many possibilities.


If you have questions, contact me at


I’m off to make some Studio J layouts with my Disneyland pictures. I’ll share them with you as soon as I’m finished. Enjoy your day.



Lucky 5


How would you like to get caught up on putting photos in scrapbooks?  Would you like to win a free album? November marks the 5 year anniversary of Studio J, the Close To My Heart online scrapbooking program. To celebrate, there are five ways for you to win special discounts, give-aways, and “golden tickets” surprises, all while creating great scrapbook pages in Studio J.


Here’s how you can get in on the celebrating and the specials.

  1. Studio J layouts purchased in November are only $5. Throughout the month of November, all layouts purchased in Studio J are just $5! That is a savings of over 25% off of retail!
  2. Surprise Close To My Heart accessories. Every fifth order placed in Studio J during November receives a FREE surprise Close To My Heart accessory in its shipping box! The accessory has a retail value of $5 or more.
  3. Five “golden tickets” will be sent out in November. There will be five “golden tickets” sent out during the month of November with randomly selected Studio J print orders. This “golden ticket” is redeemable for one of Close To My Heart’s new D-ring albums* loaded with 10 Top Load Memory Protectors.
  4. Five FREE albums with Close To My Heart Facebook posts. To win, simply create new, gorgeous layouts in Studio J, select your favorites, and then post pictures of them on Close To My Heart’s Facebook page using the hashtag #ctmhlucky5. After November 30, five lucky winners will be selected from the entries based on their artistry and creativity and each of these winners will receive their own D-ring album loaded with 10 Top Load Memory Protectors!
  5. Five FREE albums with Instagram posts. Take your new Studio J artwork and post a picture of it on Instagram using the hashtag #ctmhlucky5. Just as it is with Facebook, after November 30, five lucky winners will be selected from the entries to receive their own D-ring album loaded with 10 Top Load Memory Protectors!


How exciting is that? You can make a two-page scrapbook layout for only $5 and have opportunities to win a free D-ring album with Memory Protectors. You can enter more than once, so the more you create, the more you have a chance to win. If you have not tried Studio J, this is a great time to check it out.

Here is a layout I did recently in Studio J. This is from a summer morning walk with Sunny and Sophie.  As you can see I added buttons, stitches, ribbon, personalized titles and journaling. It’s was so quick and easy.



While I was putting pages together in Studio J I also did some photos only pages. This is a great way to get perfectly cropped and sized photos to add to your classic scrapbook pages. I just drop the photos in the boxes on the Studio J layout, cut them apart when they arrive, and then I add them to my scrapbook layouts. I can make any size photo in Studio J. Some may be little 1″ x 1″ accent pictures and other may be full 12″ x 12″ pictures that become a page all by themselves. It’s terrific.






With Studio J I make scrapbook pages, framable art, Christmas cards, and even just print my photos for classic scrapbook layouts. Studio J is easy to use and full of creative possibilities. It makes scrapbooking something I can do anytime and anywhere. I don’t have to get all of my crafting supplies out. All I need is a computer and internet. That means scrapbooking at Starbuck’s while sipping a Peppermint Hot Chocolate is totally doable. It’s wonderful, and this month has even more fabulous reasons for creating with Studio J.


Click here to visit the Studio J link on my website and get started scrapbooking online today.


If you have any questions about how to use Studio J or how to participate in the give-aways and surprises from Close To My Heart in November let me know. I would be happy to help you enjoy the ease of online scrapbooking while enjoying the anniversary celebration specials, too.


Contact me at




Studio J March Special

There is still one more week to get in on the $5.00 scrapbook layouts

from Close To My Heart using the fabulous Studio J online scrapbooking program.

That’s right, you can get complete layouts with your photos in place, journaling complete, and fully embellished with simple to add accessories for only $5.00 for a two-page layout.

(That means it’s only $2.50 a page, with photos. Awesome!)

This special pricing is only available until March 31, 2014.



To add to the $5 Studio J fun for this month,

I have two give-away specials that you can get in on,

just by placing a Studio J order on my website. Check them out at the end of this post.




Needless to say, with that great deal on $5 Studio J Layouts,  I am having a blast creating scrapbook pages and ordering photos to add to my albums. I thought I would share a couple of pictures of what I’m working today. I’m actually working on two things today, Studio J scrapbook pages and photo only pages from Studio J for my classic scrapbook pages, and Picture My Life album. These screen shots are not terrific, however you will see what it looks like in Studio J when you are creating layouts. (And I’ll post pictures of the completed pages later so you can see the finished project.)

Here’s one of the Studio J scrapbook page I have been working on from the Lady Antebellum concert my daughter and I went to a couple of weeks ago.


Stuido J Lady A


And this is a photos only page of things I want to include in my Picture My Life album. This particular Picture My Life album tells my story as a Close To My Heart Consultant so there are pictures from workshops, Scrapbook Groups, Creative Hearts Team gatherings, and some of my projects.


Stuido J Photos Only


Here is another photo only page, but these photos are sized to fit the photo spots on classic scrapbook pages I have made for my spring adventures with Sophie. We are loving the sunshine and warmer weather so we can be outside and enjoy longer walks with lots of exploring.


Sophie Studio J


I love this option because I can order prints of my photos that are already sized and scaled to fit into my Picture My Life album pages or my classic scrapbook pages. It’s so much better than printing pictures and then cropping them down to fit spaces. With Studio J you can make the subject of the photograph sized to fit the space and get a much nicer photo scaled to fit your scrapbook pages.

If you have not tried the photos only pages, go to the Express Kits section of Studio J and you will find layouts already put together for you to drop your photos into the photo wells and order to print. When they arrive you simply cut them apart and add them to your projects. It’s great.

Speaking of “when they arrive,” that’s one of the best parts. It’s so fun when the box of layouts comes to my doorstep and I can just slip those beautiful pages right into albums. It’s like an instant album full of some of my favorite stories. What a great way to be preserving all those shared moments and treasured memories. Now is the time to give Studio J a try if you have not explored this terrific scrapbooking option yet. You can click here to get started. And if you are familiar with Studio J you want to be sure to order the pages you have been working on before March 31.



But wait, there’s more….

Here are the March Give-Aways that I have available for you to participate in and get more FREE CTMH products. 


March Give-Away


1. For every 5 Studio J layouts you order by March 31 your name will be entered into a drawing for a FREE 12 x 12 CTMH My Legacy Album of your choice. You can order any combination of Studio J layouts or photo only pages as long as you have at least five. Order additional layouts in multiples of five and your name will be entered again. The more layouts you complete the more chances you have at winning the free album to put those fabulous pages in.

2. For every order you place on my website in March (Studio J or any online order) you will be entered into a special Mystery Hostess drawing for a FREE Close To My Heart shopping spree. When you go to check out and place your order you will see a message asking you if you would like to connect your order to a gathering. Just click on the “Michelle’s March Online Shopping” and your order will be added to that gathering, making you a possible Mystery Hostess with free products from this month’s drawing.


Remember Studio J is free to use and experiment with. You only purchase the pages you want to add to your album and for one more week they are only $5 for a complete layout. Get it on the fun and get in on the special price and give-aways this month. Have fun with.


Click here to create online scrapbook pages in Studio J today.



If you have questions about using Studio J I’m happy to help you.

You can contact me at







Studio J March Special


I am so excited to share this incredible savings from Close To My Heart on Studio J Online Scrapbooking for March. If you have never tried Studio J, this is the time to jump right in. Studio J is a free online scrapbooking program from Close To My Heart that allows you to make gorgeous scrapbook pages with embellishments, journaling, and beautiful color. Use Express Kits that have embellishments already in place for you or start from scratch and create your own layouts. It’s easy to customize and get lots of pages put together anywhere you have access to the internet. No need to get out lots of supplies. Make pages on your lunch break…anywhere…anytime. You can even use Studio J to order prints for your classic scrapbook pages, Crush Books, Picture My Life, or other projects. Listen to this for more details.




STUDIO J SCRAPBOOKING – Here’s an example of a layout I made from a visit to Charleston to spend time with a friend last summer. I chose colors, patterns, accessories, and journaling fonts to personalize the pages. Studio J has so many fabulous options.





STUDIO J FOR PHOTO PRINTING – My daughter is putting together a “Picture a Day” album this year using the new Picture My Life Scrapbook Program from Close To My Heart. Here she has used one of the Photos Only express kits in Studio J to just have pictures printed that she can add to her album. She gets great color photos that are easy to size by using Studio J for photo printing. When they arrive she just cuts them apart and slips them into her album. I am having a bunch of pictures printed using the photos only option in Studio J to add to some of my classic scrapbook pages, too.





And since you will be able to complete so many pages this month I’m adding an album give-away, too. For every 5 Studio J pages you order on my website in March I will add your name to a drawing for a free 12×12 Close To My Heart My Legacy Album.


March Give-Away



To be entered in the drawing simply create your Studio J layouts or photo sheets on my website and order your completed pages. It’s that easy. Click here to get started or click the Studio J button at the top of this page. (This give-away special is only through good for Studio J orders on my website in March.)


I hope you will try Studio J this month. I think you will discover it is a really terrific scrapbooking option. You can even design a layout and print multiple copies to share the memories with family and friends. If you have questions about using Studio J I would be happy to help you. We can get together if you are in the Boise, Idaho area or connect through email or phone.


Contact me at  or  (208) 713-2940. 


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Woohoooo!!!  My package has been delivered with 14 more scrapbook layouts in it that I created in Studio J. It is so exciting when the pages arrive. It is kind of like having an instant album already done. I love putting the pages in my Close To My Heart albums and taking a moment to revisit the stories told there.

As I was putting the pages in my album, I realized I haven’t shared how awesome the “No Limits” composition is in Studio J. I really like using it, and for a lot of fun reasons. The “No Limits” composition is just that…anything goes…completely versatile with endless options for creating some unique elements for your scrapbooks. So I thought I would take a moment (or two) to tell you some of my favorite things about it and show you how I used it on the scrapbook pages I added to my album this week.


When you choose a composition in Studio J, you are always choosing a two-page layout so that you are completing two facing pages that will look terrific together in your album.  The “No Limits” composition is designed to be a full 12″ x 12″ photograph. When you look at the layout, it looks like it just has two big photo wells, one on each page, and it does. I LOVE this option for adding big prints to my scrapbooks. The large photo size adds so much to an album and kind of shakes things up a bit from the pages we try to fit as many photographs on as possible. (And we all do that from time to time.)



“No Limits” Just The Way It Is

When you select the “No Limits” composition it looks something like this on your computer screen.


No Limits Comp.001


Once you drag and drop your photo into a photo well on one of those pages you can also add a title or embellishments right on top of the picture. That would look something like this…



Here I have a full 12×12 photograph of my friend Amy and me shopping at the Brighton store in Charleston, SC. Love that it is big and bold and you can see the different elements in the store. I added the title, journal box, and ribbon right on top of the picture with the easy to use journaling and embellishing tools in Studio J.


However, now that I’ve said the “No Limits” composition lets you add fabulous full-size 12″ x 12″ photographs, which is enough of a reason to use the “No Limits” composition all by itself, I want to share some creative tips with you.


“No Limits” With A Twist

On the page shown below, I deleted the photo well on the “No Limits” composition and started a page from scratch. I still wanted a large photo, however I wanted it to have a double mat and a border so that it will better coordinate with a group of photos that I wanted to use on the facing page.

Here are the steps:

  1. Delete the original photo well on the “No Limits” composition.
  2. Add a journal box that will become the black background paper. Be sure to delete the text that says “Add Journaling” so the words do not end up randomly on your page. I left a 1/4″ margin all the way around the journal box to make the white border on the page.
  3. Then select the background paper from your kit selections. Drag and drop that paper choice to the journal box.
  4. Add a photo well in the center of the page. Change the dimensions to match the size photo you would like.
  5. Then select the “mat” option in the tool box. This will bring up a drop down list of options for the size mat you want. I chose 1/8″ on the example below. You can also select the color of the mat by clicking on the little color palette box next to the mat sizes.I chose White Daisy.
  6. To finish my page I also added ribbon and brads from the “Embellishment” option and I added one more small journal box to add our names and the date below the photo.

No Limits E.001


Hopefully that is making sense so far. It will probably make more sense if you click on the Studio J link at the top of this page and try it out. The hands-on experience always helps me.

Now, as I mentioned in the beginning, you are always working on two pages at one time when you choose a layout composition. Typically you are making facing pages that will actually be side-by-side in your album. However, with the “No Limits” option I sometimes plan ahead and change things up to have a single large photo opposite a page with lots of other pictures.

It is totally possible to create a single photo page on one side and create a multi-photo page on the other side with the “No Limits” composition, but sometimes I just choose another layout composition and do half of it to go with each half of my “No Limits” pages. (I totally might have just confused you there…stay with me though. I’ll show you some examples.)


So…when I was looking at my computer here is what my “No Limits” pages looked like after putting pictures on both sides. And clearly these two pages do not go together. They are different stories and color schemes. However, they will be fabulous alongside another composition in my album. (Keep reading.)




Making “No Limits” Companion Layouts

To make the pages that would be opposite these large main focus pages I chose the “Gallery Collection” composition and did half of it to go with the manicure day and half to go with the Brighton shopping. To use one color scheme on one page and another on the other page I just added journal boxes and changed paper colors. The initial kit is the same, I just chose different color from the Close To My Heart palette.

This is what it looked like on my computer screen.




When the pages arrived at my house, I just switched the pages around as I was adding them to my album so the finish layouts looked like these.

Piggies No Limits E.001


Brighton No Limits E.001



Isn’t that so fun. I love it. And that’s just one way to put a creative spin on the “No Limits” composition. Here are a few ways to maximize this Studio J scrapbook layout. 

  1. Print full-size 12″ x 12″ photographs. These could go in your albums or be framed around your home or office.
  2. Make custom layouts by adding photo wells, mats, and embellishments to fit your project.
  3. Journal Puzzling – Add journal boxes in different directions all over the page. Put different words or collections of words in the boxes. Use a variety of font styles, sizes, and colors to make an interesting journal page. This can go opposite a page full of photos to help tell the story in a fun way.
  4. Photo Developing – Whether you are planning to make some classically scrapbooked pages for your album or you are working home decor pieces, mini-albums, or any paper crafting project, you can add as many sizes and of photo boxes to the “No Limits” layout as you would like and have it printed instead of trying to get pictures printed somewhere. This is really helpful for being about to make specific project sizes, too. When the page arrives you simply cut the pictures apart and add them to your projects.


There are many more ways to use this composition. These are just a few ideas to get your started. And if you would like to know more about any of these options, just let me know. I would be happy to help you get creating with Studio J, too.


I know that was a long post for today, but I hope it got you thinking about some different options. If you have used the “No Limits” page composition in other ways, I do hope you will share. I always like finding new possibilities. Enjoy a creative moment today and find someone to share a smile and a laugh with along the way.


Questions? You can contact me at

Enter your email address in the “Stay Up To Date” box on my blog to receive class info, project tips & techniques, and specials.

 And please do share it with a friend.



Creating moments to share with the people in my life is something I have always enjoyed. I think doing life together is important, and I think helping people to feel valued is important. In creating special moments, and having shared experience, with friends and family I get to do all of those things. Memory making matters to me, and so does memory keeping.

Studio J, Close To My Heart’s online scrapbooking software, makes it easy for me to scrapbook all the different kinds of moments in my life…the special occasion kinds of moments, the every day kinds of moments, and everything in between. It’s free to use, it’s easy to create with, no extra photo developing needed, and I love that I can order multiple sets of pages to share with the people I’m memory making with.

This summer I traveled to the Close To My Heart Annual Convention in Orlando, Florida. On my way to and from Convention I was honored to be able to spend a couple of days with some very special friends, the McGrew family. I have never been to Charleston, South Carolina where they live. My time there was very special and full of memory making fun. It was my birthday, too, so they treated me to some extra special celebrating. We did some sightseeing, we took in some local history, we hung out at the house and watched the new American Girl movie, we played games, we went to church, we shared meals together…it was the special occasion moments and the every day kinds of moments all wrapped up together. It was great.

To record the moments and the memories I created some scrapbook pages this week in Studio J. Here are a few of the pages that tell the story of my time in Charleston, SC with the McGrew family.


My Birthday with McGrews


Charleston Beaches


Middleton Plantation


Charleston City Market


There are so many amazing options for creating fabulous pages in Studio J. I love it. You can change paper colors, accessory colors, font styles and colors and each layout can be personalized to fit that one perfect moment. And all of those fun options are just a click away. So easy. Cool thing is that now I have the pages created and I can order some extra pages to have shipped directly to the McGrew family so they can enjoy remembering the moments, too. A big thank you goes to them for letting me join in the things you do and make some special memories along the way.

I am sure that your summer has been filled with shared moments, new experiences, and lots of photo opportunities, too. I hope you will take some time to get those great photographs off of your memory cards, computers, and cell phones. Try Studio J. You will be amazed how easy it is to use, yet how versatile it is to create pages that compliment all of your memory keeping. A very nice thing is that you do not have to wait to get your pictures printed before you can put the pages together. You just add the photo to the page while you are on the computer. It sizes the photo for you and even has a little editing options to help out. They the page comes with the picture perfectly on the page. The color is great. Everyone looks good.  It’s amazing.


What story do you want to tell from this summer’s activities?


You can try Studio J by clicking the link at the top of this page or just click here. There are videos you can watch to help you learn some tips and techniques.


Memory making and memory keeping are something I believe in. I would love to help preserve your special occasion and every day kinds of moments, too. If you have more questions, please contact me at


You can also follow me  on Pintrest – Something About Sharing to see examples of other scrapbook pages created in Studio J. Just pull up my “Studio J Scrapbooking” board. There are several layout in there already and lots more to come. We can share a little project inspiration there on Pintrest.







I love to get new ideas and learn new tips and tricks for creating different kinds of projects. And I especially enjoy sharing with you…so, I thought I would share a great resource with you today. Did you know you can get project ideas and step-by-step instructions for trying new crafting techniques on CTMH TV? (That’s Close To My Heart TV.) It’s totally true and so nice to be able to watch CTMH TV on my computer…any where, any time… I really like that while I am trying a technique I can follow along with the instructions on the video with the option to hit the pause button, replay it, and actually see how it’s done. You have to try it.

Go to my website and click on “CTMH TV” under the “Ideas & Inspiration” tab. There you will find entire sections of different types of project videos with great tips and techniques. I have put links in this post to take you directly to each of the different topic areas. Here’s the list of sections in CTMH TV. Check them out. You’ll be amazed how many helpful how-to’s are right there at your finger-tips.


“My Craft Channel” – In this video section you will find so many great crafting techniques. No matter what types of projects you like to work on, the technique tips here will help with so many things. There are tips on stamping, coloring, creating patterns, using Cricut cartridges, and so many other great how-to’s.

“Project Inspiration” – These project videos are short videos spotlighting artwork projects featured in the Close To My Heart Idea Books. If you have seen a project in an Idea Book and wondered how they did that, look in this video section for the techniques to add sparkle and pizzazz to your projects at home.

“Be A Consultant” – In this section several people from Close To My Heart share a little more with you about what it is to be a Close To My Heart Consultant, like me, and how Close To My Heart is set up to support you as a new Consultant.

“Love Your Layout” – These videos share creative techniques on how to add some pizzazz to your pages with different tools and embellishments…making banners, adding stitches, cropping My Stickease to make custom borders…lots of fun, simple, creative tips.

“Studio-J How-To” – Studio-J videos give you tips covering the basics like using the photo editing tool and even walking you through the steps of creating a layout from start to finish in Studio-J. It’s all step-by-step so you can follow along in Studio-J and try it as you go.

“Art & Soul” – These are terrific video segments where you get to join Jeanette Lynton, Close To My Heart  Founder and CEO, and some of her friends for instructional tips for scrapbooking, journaling, creating keepsakes, card making, and celebrating parties and holidays with family and friends.


Here’s an example of a Studio-J “Love Your Layout” video for June.



It was so exciting to see this months tips. Not only is the “Tommy” kit a fun paper packet to work from, but they are making banners with My Stickease AND the photos in this segment are my good friend Amy and her family. I’m heading to Charleston in 10 days to visit them. It’s so great to see how stories come together in Studio-J.


There are many other resource area on my website in addition to those I post here on Something About Sharing. Visit now and then to see something new that just might inspire you today. The projects inspirations and videos are always being update.



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