It’s funny how creative inspiration can come from anywhere. As I sat down to create some new scrapbook pages with the Close To My Heart Some Kinda Wonderful Paper Packet, I was listening to music and the Justin Timberlake song, “Can’t Stop The Feeling!” came on in the background. Have you heard that song? It’s such a fun, upbeat kind of song, and one particular line kept going through my mind. It’s says, “I got that sunshine in my pocket…” Well, there you have it! Here I was looking at this wonderful, brightly colored, happy paper and that song set my whole creative process into motion. As you will see in the first layout, I used that lyric for the title, too. It seems like a great title for preserving all kinds of different photo themes and memory making moments.

I made four layouts all together with the Some Kinda Wonderful Paper Packet and the Some Kinda Wonderful Coordinating Cardstock. I really had fun mixing in some stamping, Cricut die-cuts, Black and White Dots, and White Twine. The Coordinating Cardstock pack did not include Lemon Cardstock, so I did add that in. I just had to have that bright, “sunshine” kind of yellow to go with the title. What do you think?








If you follow my blog, you know how I love alphabet fonts, especially mixing and matching alphabet fonts. To make the title on the first layout, I used the font that is on the Close To My Heart Flower Market Cricut Cartridge to spell out the word “POCKET,” and then used a pre-made word from the same cartridge for “Sunshine,” adding a script look to that word. The “IN MY” is actually stamped with the Close To My Heart Pen Pal Alphabet Set.

Then I used the Some Kinda Wonderful – Scrapbooking Stamp Set to add some extra details. It is made to specifically coordinate with this paper and has designs that are terrific for scrapbooking with accent pieces, titles, journal boxes, etc. These are the ten different designs that come in the set. Can you find where I have used some of these pieces on the pages?




I love the bright colors in these layouts. They make the pages cheerful and sort of toe-tapping happy, just like the song that brought the initial inspiration to the pages. I think there are so many different types of photo themes that would be perfect on them. Unfortunately, we have a very small window to get the Some Kinda Wonderful Paper Pack, because it is retiring on April 30th. That means it is only available for three more days! Wow!

I will not be creating full Workshop Guides for these pages, however, I do have Workshop Kits available. The Workshop Kits include the everything pre-cut and pre-stamped, all of the accessories, with instructions and photos to put them together. That will make is so quick and easy for you to create these pages and add them to you albums. There are even two Scrapbook Workshop dates if you live in the Boise area and would like to come make them at my house.


Some Kinda Wonderful Workshop Kits – $30 (plus tax and shipping)

Workshop Kits Include:

  • X7217B Some Kinda Wonderful Paper Packet (pre-cut)
  • X7217D Some Kinda Wonderful Coordinating Cardstock (pre-cut)
  • Cricut die-cut shapes & titles (pre-cut)
  • Z3314 Black & White Dots
  • Z3216 White Twine
  • Additional Cardstock, pre-stamped accessories images and titles
  • Instructions with photos on how to put the pages together


Other Supplies Used On These Pages:

  • D1716 Some Kinda Wonderful – Scrapbooking ($17.95)
  • Z2805 Black Exclusives Ink ($7.95)
  • My Acrylix Blocks (1”x1”, 2”x2”, 2” x 3 1/2”)
  • Z1979 Black Journaling Pen ($3.25)
  • Z341 Mini Glue Dots ($7.50)
  • Z2060 Thin 3-D Foam Tape ($5.95)
  • Z1836 Non-Stick Micro Tip Scissors ($13.95)


Scrapbook Workshop Dates: 

  • Friday, May 19 at 6:30 pm
  • Saturday, May 20 at 1:00 pm



If you would like a set of these pages, contact me soon before this great paper is gone.  I would be happy to put a Workshop Kit put together for you, so you can enjoy a little “sunshine in your pocket” and a little sunshine in your scrapbooks.


Contact me at




Welcome to April, Friends! As I’m writing this post, there are birds singing outside, the dogs are soaking up some sunshine, and there are blossoms of color popping up everywhere. It’s a classically spring kind of day and I love it! It really has me ready to be outside having new adventures, how about you?

The pages I have to share with you today are going to be great for enjoying new adventures and fun activities with family and friends and celebrating the things that create your happy place. This month I chose to use the Close To My Heart Dreamin’ Big Paper Packet, Complements, and Sequins, along with Whisper Thick Twine and a Black Journaling Pen for accents. The color combination is really terrific and the paper prints are so versatile. I had so much fun creating with these products, that I actually decided to make four full layouts (8 pages) for our Scrapbook Workshops & Workshop Kits for April. Here they are!








Aren’t the colors in this paper packet terrific? They are just so happy. One of the things I think you will really enjoy while creating these scrapbook layouts is that you can kind of personalize the pages and change things up without having to make adjustments to compositions or anything. Close To My Heart Background & Texture Paper is printed on both sides. It’s fantastic, because it gives you so many more paper choices all in one package. For example, take a look at the paper shown in the picture below. In the Dreamin’ Big Paper Packet there is a multi-colored floral print. On the back of the piece of paper are lots of different kinds of bugs. Both sides use the same color combinations and the patterns carry about the same weight. To change the look of your page, you can just flip the paper over to have flowers for some layouts and bugs for the others. How great is that?




If you go back and look at all of the places I used the floral Background & Texture Paper on the layouts shown above, you can picture those pieces being flipped over to all of those little bugs. Every layout would still work. This is terrific for changing themes quickly to better go with the photos you want to use. If you are enjoy activities outdoors like going to the park, hiking, going camping, or have kids exploring with bug catchers in the back yard, you can change the layout by just turning those floral pieces over. Easy!


In the Dreamin’ Big Complements a wonderful combination of stickers and white acrylic shape. If you love accessories, you will have some fun with these. They mix-and-match terrifically, add pops of color here and there, and create interesting textures with the added dimension of the acrylic shapes. In these pictures below, you can see some of the details a little more closely.




I especially liked the instant titles that are in the Dreamin’ Big Complements. “Explore,” “Adventure is Out There,” “Happy Place,” and “Love Life” can fit for so many different photo themes and memory making activities.





The Picture My Life Cards and Zip Strips included in the Dreamin’ Big Paper Packet are also terrific. I used so many of them on these pages, including the combination for the “Sunshine and Good Times” title. That main title piece is from a Picture My Life card, and the “be happy” next to it is from a Zip Strip. Close To My Heart just makes creating so easy all of these coordinating pieces.

Looking closely at the pictures above, you will also see places where I added black border lines to frame some of the pieces. It’s just a simple thing, but that black border line can create focal points, ground pieces, and tie things together. I do a simple double line using a Black Journaling Pen. Using the double line takes off the pressure of making everything perfectly straight. I make the first line and then kind of weave the second line in and around that one. At my Scrapbook Workshops, I call them wiggle squiggle lines. It’s super casual without need to be exact.


What do you think? Are you ready to enjoy some new adventures and add your photos to these pages? I would love to help you create a set of these scrapbook layouts for your albums. Simply choose the option below that best fits for you.


There are three options for making these Dreamin’ Big scrapbook layouts.

  1. Register to attend a Scrapbook Workshop in the Boise area and come make the pages here.
  2. Order a “Workshop Kit To Go” with pre-cut pieces and instructions to assemble pages at home.
  3. Get the Workshop Guide, complete with cutting guide, instructions, photos, and tips to create the pages on your own.



Dreamin’ Big Scrapbook Workshop Kits – $32 (plus tax and shipping)


Workshop Kits Include:

  • X7218B Dreamin’ Big Paper Packet
  • X7218C Dreamin’ Big Complements
  • Z3315 Dreamin’ Big Sequins
  • Z3095 Whisper Thick Twine
  • Additional Cardstock and Supplies


Other Supplies Used On These Pages:

  • Z1979 Black Journaling Pen ($3.25)
  • Z341 Mini Glue Dots ($7.50)
  • Z2060 Thin 3-D Foam Tape ($5.95)
  • Z1836 Non-Stick Micro Tip Scissors ($13.95)


Scrapbook Workshop Dates:

  • Friday, April 7 at 6:30 pm
  • Saturday, April 8 at 1:00 pm
  • Friday, April 21 at 6:30 pm
  • Saturday, April 22 at 1:00 pm



To register to attend a Scrapbook Workshop, or to order a Workshop Kit To Go,

contact me at



To receive a Workshop Guide complete cutting and assembly instructions and a CTMH Consultant Release Form to reproduce the pages a workshops, you have two options.

  1. Receive the Workshop Guide absolutely FREE when you place a $25 order on my website for the supplies you need to make these pages, or other crafting supplies you may need. To shop online, go to and then email me to let me know which Workshop Guide you would like to receive.
  2. Purchase the Workshop Guide for $10. For this option, contact me at to let me know which Workshop Guide you are interested in.


Thank you for visiting my blog today. I look forward to helping you with your memory making and memory keeping projects. Share some moments with someone special today. Have a wonderful springtime kind of day!



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Yesterday I shared the scrapbook pages that I designed with the Close To My Heart Hello Lovely Paper Packet, Complements, Blush Shimmer Ribbon, and Accessories. I had so much fun creating with this beautiful paper, that I decided to use a lot of the scraps that I had left over from making those pages to create a set of cards. I thought you might enjoy seeing some other ways to use your Hello Lovely paper, too. I like creating handmade cards, because they add such a personal touch to the notes I send to family and friends. And really, who doesn’t love receiving happy mail?

Here are the twelve cards that I made. They use different compositions and paper combinations. Having so many mix-and-match possibilities in the Hello Lovely Paper Packet is fantastic! I love that everything coordinates and makes creating a breeze.







I used the Close To My Heart White Cards & Envelopes Value Pack for the bases, because they are such an amazing deal. It is only about .30 cents per card base and envelope. That’s very affordable!

Close To My Heart also has some terrific options for sentiments that you can use for card making. On this set of cards, I used a variety of stamped images and Thin Cuts to add the messages. There are two stamp sets that I use often for birthday and thank you cards. They are the “All the Thanks” Stamp Set (B1536) and the “Birthday Sparkles” Stamp Set (B1537). Each set has four messages with various fonts and shapes.





I really had fun using Close To My Heart Thin Cuts with these cards, too. With four graduated sizes of circles in the Basic Circles Thin Cuts set, it is easy to layer messages on the cards. For a bolder, more colorful look, I especially love using Thin Cuts to make message die-cuts out of coordinating cardstock. The Hello &  Thanks, and Happy Birthday are two of my favorites because they are so versatile and useful.






If you have not used Thin Cuts before, it’s really easy. You use an embossing machine to cut out these die-cut shapes. It’s the same type of machine that you use with Embossing Folders. In the example below, I just set the “Hello” Thin Cuts on Sorbet Cardstock, ran it through my embossing machine, and out pops the die-cut shape ready to add to my card front. Sometimes I even use the left over scrap pieces with the negative space for project.






Once the “Hello” message was cut out, I attached the die-cut to the card front using a Bonding Memories Glue Pen. This type of adhesive has a smaller tip that works well with the narrow shapes of these letters. The card below shows what the message looks like on a completed card. That full color die-cut messages is pretty terrific, don’t you think?







While we are talking about these cards, I also wanted to be sure to show you one way I like to use the Basic Circles Thin Cuts. For the next card, I took one of the pre-printed Picture My Life cards from the Hello Lovely Paper Packet and cut the flower cluster into a circle by using the largest Thin Cuts circle. It’s so quick and easy. I could see exactly how I wanted to line it up and be sure the circle would be just right around the floral cluster. (By the way, this technique also works terrific on photographs to cut them into perfect circles with the subject right where you want it.)






Once I had that flower cluster cut into a circle, I could just layer it onto the front of the card you see below. I loved the way it came together. Having that beautiful full-color image on the front in a circle rather than just another square, makes a difference. I add a little Blush Shimmer Ribbon and a few Gold Gems to finish it off. I did not put a sentiment on the front of this card. I liked it just the way it was. Sometimes I like having cards on hand that do not have a set message on the front, so that I can use them for any occasion.








And, if you know me, you know I like to mix-and-match supplies and get the most out of a great composition at the same time. The card shown below is the exact same composition as the card shown above. Take a look. Can you see the similarities? The difference is that I cut the large Thin Cuts circle out of White Daisy Cardstock instead of the pre-printed Picture My Life Card, and then use the “Hello” Thin Cuts to add nice message in the middle. I think having the white circle behind the message creates a terrific spotlight effect.






Pretty great, isn’t it?I sure appreciate how easy Close To My Heart makes it to enjoy some creative time. By using Close To My Heart products everything coordinates and works well together, making creating projects faster, simpler, and easier.

If you have enjoyed these cards and might like to make a set of your own, I do have Workshop Kits available to make all twelve cards. You can attend a Pick-A-Project Workshop Day here in Boise, or get a Workshop Kit To Go and I’ll have everything pre-cut for you to put together at home.


Hello Lovely Card Workshop – $20

(plus tax and shipping)

Workshop Kits Include:

  • 12 White Daisy Card Bases & Envelopes
  • Hello Lovely Paper, pre-cut for each card
  • A variety of stamped messages to personalize your cards
  • Pre-cut Thin Cuts messages to personalize our cards
  • Blush Shimmer Ribbon
  • Gold Glitter Gems


Other Products Used On These Cards:

  • Z3259 Hello & Thanks Thin Cuts
  • Z3318 Basic Circles Thin Cuts
  • Z3304 Happy Birthday Thin Cuts
  • Z553 Bonding Memories Glue Pen
  • Z2060 Thin 3-D Foam Tape
  • Z341 Mini Glue Dots
  • Z1836 Non-Stick Micro-Tip Scissors


Boise Area Workshop Dates:

  • Saturday, April 8 at 1:00 pm
  • Friday, April 21 at 6:30 pm
  • Saturday, April 22 at 1:00 pm


If you would like to be able to use some of these great Thin Cuts at home for other projects, this is a great time to purchase some of those. In March you can enjoy a

25% discount on all Close To My Heart Thin Cuts.

The sale even includes the Thin Cuts that come in a bundle with coordinating Stamp Sets. That’s fantastic! If you would like to see all of the Thin Cuts options available and shop online, just click here.



To order a Hello Lovely Card Workshop Kit, simply email me at



Thanks so much for visiting my blog today. I hope that these cards give you some creative inspiration and ideas on how you can enjoy making your own beautiful cards and making someone’s day by sharing some Happy Mail with others. Happy paper crafting!





Hello, friends! Gracious it has been a very busy month here at my house. I’ve been in and out of town and have missed sharing some new creative inspiration with you. I’m back and all set to catch up, so get ready…there’s lot’s of fun things coming. This month I have been sharing scrapbook pages that feature the Close To My Heart Hello Lovely Paper Packet, Complements, and coordinating Blush Shimmer Ribbon and Gold Gems. It’s a simply beautiful collection of products. Some of my friends who have been coming to local Scrapbook Workshops this month to make these pages have been using these layouts to scrapbook things like family heritage photos, Senior Proms, Daddy-Daughter dances, family night activities, and so many different themes. These pages seem to fit a lot of different purposes and they have also been terrific with different photo finishes like black-and-white pictures and sepia. Are you ready to see them?

This workshop makes three complete layouts with plenty of supplies left over for you to add to them, or even create other projects. Here they are…






It’s hard to see all of the fabulous details, the gold foil accents, and the beautiful prints in the papers in the photographs. I wish you could all see them in person. Here are a few pictures to help with some of the little things.







The ribbon, Complement title pieces, gold foil stickers, and Gold Gems bring so much to these simple page compositions. Everything is adhesive-backed, excepted the ribbon, of course, so the accessories are easy to add to the pages and make them beautifully embellished and ready for photos.

You may also notice in the pictures that I did add some cardstocks to these pages. I chose to add Kraft Cardstock for two of the page bases, as well as accents on all three layouts. There is also a sprinkling of Sorbet Cardstock and Sea Glass Cardstock in the mix, too. I especially liked the texture addition of the Kraft Cardstock.


I really enjoyed designing these pages and I hope that you will also enjoy creating a set to add to your scrapbooks. This collection of papers and accessories are only available for one more month, before they retire. If you would like to have a set of these pages to use for your memory keeping, just let me know. I would be happy to help you out. There are several options available for to make a set of these pages. You can attend a Scrapbook Workshop if you live in the Boise area, or you can purchase a Workshop Kit that comes with everything pre-cut and ready to assemble that you can make at home, or you can order the supplies on my website and get the complete Workshop Guide with instructions, cutting guides, photos, tips, and techniques Free to make the pages on your own. Just let me know which one works best for you and I’ll be happy to help you.



Hello Lovely Scrapbook Workshop Kits – $35 (plus tax and shipping)

  • X7216B Hello Lovely Paper Packet
  • X7216C Hello Lovely Complements
  • Z3312 Gold Glitter Gems
  • Z3313 Blush Shimmer Ribbon
  • Additional Cardstock and Supplies

Other Supplies Used On These Pages – 

  • Z341 Mini Glue Dots
  • Z2060 Thin 3-D Foam Tape
  • Z1836 Non-Stick Micro Tip Scissors


Scrapbook Workshop Dates – 

  • Friday, March 10 at 6:30 PM
  • Friday, March 24 at 6:30 PM
  • Saturday, April 8 at 1:00 PM



To make a set of these Hello Lovely scrapbook pages, contact me at



And…just so you know, I have enjoyed this paper packet and accessories so much that tomorrow I’ll be sharing a dozen beautiful cards using the same supplies and featuring Close To My Heart Thin Cuts. Here’s a sneak peek. Enjoy your day!




Shop all of the Close To My Heart Hello Lovely products and lots of other fabulous products for scrapbooking and papercrafting on my website. Just click here to have all of that creative goodness at your fingertips. And, remember, when you place an order on my website, click the button to “Join” Michelle’s March Online Gathering to be entered in a drawing for $25 in free CTMH products. 




I think every day is a great time to celebrate the special people in your life, however, with Valentine’s Day in the mix, February is an especially great time to share the love. This year for the whole month of February I am having a little extra fun with my Close To My Heart family with a photo-a-day activity. This isn’t an ordinary photo activity, this one is a “What I Love About CTMH” Photo-A-Day Activity. We are 10 days into the month and it’s been so fun, so far! Every day we post a picture of something we love about CTMH that ties into the days photo topic.





I thought I would share a couple of my “What I Love About CTMH” pictures with you today.









It’a all about making memories and keeping memories, and I love being able to share this with so many other CTMH Consultants on my team. We all have a story to tell and it’s great fun to be a part of each other’s story. I lead the Creative Hearts Team, which is my immediate family with CTMH. Everyone on the Team was invited to jump in and have some fun sharing what they love about Close To My Heart this month. If you would like to follow along with what I’m posting each day, you can find me on Facebook (Michelle Snyder and Something About Sharing) and Instagram (@sharingamoment).

You can also see what everyone is sharing for their photo-a-day by searching the hashtags we are using. Simply put #CreativeHeartsTeam or #CHPhotoADay into the search boxes on Facebook or Instagram and you’ll be able to see everyone’s different inspiration for each days’ topic. If you have not participated in a photo-a-day activity, you should try it. They can be so much fun. It’s kind of a combination of seeing how you are inspired by a photo topic for the day, and also seeing how other people were inspired by that same topic.


I really do love my CTMH family and being able to share lots of creative and memory making moments together. It’s something I think you would enjoy, too.  If you enjoy scrapbooking, paper crafting, card making, CTMH products, having fun with friends, and even making some extra money to support your crafting habit, February is a great time to become a Close To My Heart Consultant.





A New Consultant Kit is only $75 and includes over $200 in CTMH products…PLUS…a $50 shopping spree! When you join my CTMH family in February, you also receive three Stamp of the Month sets, absolutely free. And, if you have ever been a CTMH Consultant before, you can rejoin this month for only $50.

Getting started is easy!

You can read more about becoming a CTMH Consultant,

and even sign up online on my website. Just click here! 


If would love to tell you more about the February special and the benefits of being a CTMH Consultant. If you have questions you can contact me at

Having been a CTMH Consultant for 24 years now, I can confidently say this is a great company. More importantly for me, it has also been a great family. You are welcome here, and I would love to share in this fun with you.

Watch for more photos every day in February. There are 18 more days of photo topics to go! Woohoooo! I’m off to do today’s picture. The topic is, “Some Kinda Wonderful!” Wait for it! Have a wonderful day.




I’m not sure how it happened, but it’s February already! We have had record breaking snow and ice here in Boise this year and I must say, I think I spent entirely too much time shoveling snow in January. I’m ready to be moving closer to spring, are you? The good thing about winter days is that when I’m finished shoveling snow I can come inside and warm up with some creative time. Yay!

Since we all enjoy making and keeping sweet memories, I have designed a special set of scrapbook layouts featuring the brand new Sugar Rush Collection for February. I had a great time creating these layouts to share with you. In fact, I was so inspired by the papers and accessories while working on them, that I had to make a dash to Krispy Kreme to enjoy another sweet treat… with sprinkles. 



With this month’s Scrapbook Workshops, you will complete three layouts and have plenty of supplies left over for you to add more pages or Picture My Life Cards to your albums, or to create other fun projects, too. If you click on the picture below, you can view them larger to see more of the details. Here they are…







The Sugar Rush Collection is literally sprinkled with fun, and it includes coordinating Papers, Complements, Washi Tape, and sparkly Dot Accessories. All of the embellishments mix-and-match so well. The Complements have great stickers that I used for titles and accents, plus fantastic chipboard pieces with gold foil accents that you’ll see sprinkled around the layouts. Add in the Sugar Rush Washi Tapes and glittery Sugar Rush Dots and accessorizing becomes oodles of fun.





I chose to add Raspberry and Canary Cardstock to the page compositions for these layouts. Yes…you know me. I did take some creative liberties and brought in more color. I just really wanted to pull all of those fabulous multi-colored sprinkles and donuts out of the papers and make the pages a little brighter. I really like all of the extra color. I hope you do, too.

As usual, I’m working from CTMH How-To Books for the page base compositions. You might also notice, however, that I turned one of the the square photo frames on layout #2 into a scalloped frame. It’s really easy to change the look of a page composition just making this type of small adjustment. This particular scallop frame comes from the CTMH Artbooking Cricut Cartridge.

I would love to share these pages with you this month and add some sweet creative time to your February. There are several Scrapbook Workshop dates available if you live in the Boise area, or there are Workshop Kits To Go for those of you who may live farther away. You may also like the option of my new Workshop Guides if you already have some of these supplies. (See the info below for the details.)


Sugar Rush Workshop Kit – $35  (plus tax and shipping)


Workshop Includes –

  • X7215B Sugar Rush Paper Packet
  • X7215C Sugar Rush Complements
  • Z3310 Sugar Rush Dots
  • Z3311 Sugar Rush Washi Tape Pack
  • Additional Cardstock, pre-cut Cricut shapes, and supplies

Other Supplies Used On These Pages –

    • Z2060 Thin 3-D Foam Tape ($5.95)
    • Z1836 Non-Stick Micro-Tip Scissors ($13.95)


Scrapbook Workshop Dates –

  • Friday, February 3 at 6:30 PM 
  • Friday, February 17 at 6:30 PM
  • Saturday, February 18 at 1:00 PM (Pick-A-Project Day)

Note…if the dates do not fit with your schedule, no worries. You can purchase a Workshop Kit To go and enjoy some creative time making these pages at home when it fits for you.  



To purchase a Workshop Kit, Workshop Kit To Go, or to reserve a spot at a Scrapbook Workshop, Contact me at







You can also find all of these Sugar Rush products and many more terrific crafting resources on my website. Check out the Clearance section while you are there. There are some amazing deals. You can shop online 24/7.

To shop on my website, just click here or visit


I have recently started created complete Workshop Guides for most Workshop Kits that I design. A Workshop Guide includes the easy to follow cutting guides, project tips and techniques, instructions for assembly, and pictures to reference for the finished projects. Having the full Workshop Guide is really nice, because you can use it over and over to make other scrapbook layouts, simply by changing the papers that you plug into cutting guide. There are so many possibilities. 

Here are two ways you can get a Workshop Guide. 

  1. You can get a FREE Workshop Guide by placing any $25 order on my website. You can order the supplies you need for the particular project you want to make, or any other items you may need for your scrapbooking and papercrafting. Once you place your order, just contact me and let me know which Workshop Guide you would like to have FREE. 
  2. You can also purchase a Workshop Guide for $10. This is helpful if you already have the supplies you need to make the project. It is kind of nice to have the Workshop Guides, because you can always reuse them with other paper combinations. 


If you would like to have the complete Sugar Rush Workshop Guide

to make the layouts shown above, email me at


Hello, friends.

I am so excited to share something new especially for my scrapbooking and papercrafting friends. I have recently created a VIP Facebook Group just for you! I can hardly wait for you to be a part of the fun we are going to have.



In Michelle’s CTMH VIP Group you will enjoy creative inspiration, learn more about Close To My Heart products, find tips and techniques, be first to know about upcoming classes, workshops, and events, and get in on exclusive specials and give-aways. Yes, there are give-aways! In fact I just gave away a new Sugar Rush Paper Packet, so you are going to want to jump in. There are more coming! I’m even going to do occasional Facebook Live videos and having some special online events. This is closed group, just for my customers, so I can share a some extra special VIP treatment with you. It’s going to be great fun!


Here’s a little sneak peek of my February Sugar Rush Scrapbook Workshop that I posted in the group a couple of days ago. As part of Michelle’s CTMH VIP Group, you will get first looks at what I’m designing and what’s coming next. There are lots of fun things coming!





You can join the group by going to Michelle’s CTMH VIP Group  on Facebook and clicking the “Join” button.


Feel free to invite your friends who might enjoy some creative inspiration, learning new DIY tips, and a place to connect with other people who enjoy scrapbooking and papercrafting. I am looking forward to sharing some creative moments with all of you. If you like scrapbooking, card making, or papercrafting of any kind, you will enjoy being a part of this Group.


If you have questions or need help joining the group, email me at


Note: While I love connecting and sharing ideas with other CTMH Consultants, this VIP group is specifically for my customers and their friends only. Thank you for understanding. 



Winter has definitely come! I’m not sure what winter looks like where you live, but we definitely had a white Christmas here in Boise. Today the sun is out and it’s actually close to 30 degrees! Yay! That means Sophie is ready to go outside to play in the snow.



For all of these snow-filled days, I thought we really needed a set of layouts to capture the moments. Winter activities can be everything from playing in the snow, to baking cookies, or curling up with a good book and a cup of cocoa. Whether your idea of winter fun is outdoors or indoors, I think you will enjoy creating these scrapbook pages for your albums. We all have stories to tell, right?


These layouts feature the Close To My Heart Oh, Deer! Collection. I think the papers and accessories in this collection are so pretty. I love the woodgrain papers and terrific color scheme. You will also notice in the pictures below that the pages include special pine cone and pine sprig die-cuts that I added from the CTMH Flower Market Cricut Cartridge. They just seemed to fit so perfectly that I could not resist. I am enjoying all of the different seasonal die-cuts on the Flower Market Cartridge.







The mix of textures and patterns is terrific in this collection. Here are some close up pictures of a few of the details on these pages.




Don’t you love the combination of silver and gold foil accents with the kraft papers and natural bamboo stickers? It’s a little hard to see the cool bamboo stickers from the Oh, Deer! Assortment in the pictures, but they really are adhesive-backed stickers made out of wafer thin bamboo. The assortment has tree and stars in two sizes. Can you see the woodgrain texture on them? They are pretty cool.





These are really fun pages to put together, and there are lots of supplies left over that you can use for more layouts or even Flip Flaps and Pocket Plus Pages.


The unfortunate thing is that the…

Oh, Deer! Collection is retiring on December 31,

 along with all of the products found in the Close To My Heart Holiday Expressions Idea Book.



That means we have a very small window of opportunity now to order the supplies to make these page. In fact, there are only THREE DAYS left. If you would like to make a set of these pages, please contact me right away, so that I can be sure to get everything ordered for you before it is gone.


If you live in the Boise area, you can come to January Scrapbook Groups or Pick-A-Project Days to make these pages. There are three dates listed below. If you live long distance, or the dates do not fit your schedule, you can order a Workshop Kit To Go and I’ll get everything prepared and mailed to you.



Oh, Deer! Workshop Kits – $35


Workshop Kits Include:

  • X7214B Oh, Deer! Paper Packet
  • X7214C Oh, Deer! Complements
  • Z4011 Oh, Deer! Assortment (Bamboo Stickers)
  • Z4014 White & Gold Twine
  • Extra Cardstock and Pre-Cut Cricut Shapes


Note: “Workshop Kits To Go” come pre-cut, ready to assemble, and include pictures and tips for how to put them all together. 


Other Supplies Used For These Layouts:

  • Flower Market Cricut Collection ($99 or $79 for digital only)
  • Z341 Mini Glue Dots ($7.50)
  • Z2060 Thin 3-D Foam Tape ($5.95)
  • Z1836 Non-Stick Micro-tip Scissors ($13.95)


Scrapbook Workshop Dates: 

  • Friday, January 13 at 6:30 PM
  • Friday, January 27 at 6:30 PM
  • Saturday, January 28 at 1:00 PM (Pick-A-Project Day)



To attend a Scrapbook Workshop, or to order a Workshop Kit To Go, contact me at


These Winter Scrapbook Layouts are only available until

December 31, 2016.







You can also shop the Oh, Deer Collection on my website.

Just click here to shop 24/7. You will find many other wonderful things, too. Enjoy!






Yesterday I shared some projects featuring the Close To My Heart All About The Gold 12″ x 12″ overlays, glitter paper, and festive ribbons used to add extra sparkle to holiday scrapbook pages and cards. Those projects used a fantastic color combination of Pixie, Sea Glass, Whisper, White Daisy, and Gold for something fresh and different for the Christmas or winter crafting. They looked a something like this.




One of the great things about yesterday’s projects is that after making all of those projects, there was still half of a package of All About The Gold overlays and half of a package of Uptown Ribbon left over. Today I am excited to share projects you can make with the other half of those products, along with a completely different color combination. Are you ready? Here they are.








How’s that for a complete contrast to the first set of scrapbook layouts and cards? These projects work from a color base of Cranberry, Black, White Daisy, and Gold, while still featuring the All About The Gold overlays, Uptown Ribbon, and this time Red Glitter Paper. Don’t you love the bold contrast of the colors with the sparkle and shine of the gold and glitter accents?I have to give a shout out to my daughter, again, for her creativity in putting together such a classic holiday collection. Simply stunning.





You will also notice that there are no snowmen on this set of layouts and cards. Instead, we used the Woodland Wishes Thin Cuts & Stamp Set Bundle to coordinate with the sort of nostalgic look the colors bring to the projects. I love it. The stamp designs and die-cuts in this set really pair well with the colors here.




Having a matching set of Thin Cuts and stamp images makes creating beautiful things so easy. There is no detail cutting around stamp images, simply use an embossing machine to pop out the die-cuts and print the stamp image on top. No need for scissors at all. Here’s a closer look at some of the details.







Aren’t those gold overlay stripes terrific? In the photos above, you can see where the All About The Gold overlay stripes are used on their own in some places and even layered on top of a piece of the Red Glitter Paper. There are just so many possibilities for using them.

The card shown above is also a great example of using the stamps in a variety of ways. Notice that some of the trees and the message are stamped directly on the card base, and another tree and snowflakes are stamped on Thin Cuts die-cut shapes. Add a little Thin 3-D Foam Tape on the back of the stamped die-cut shapes and you bring some terrific dimension to the card. It’s so easy.


I hope that you enjoyed a little more inspiration today for adding sparkle and shine to Christmas and winter scrapbook layouts and cards. It’s amazing how much a couple of new products can do. If these projects look like something you might enjoy, I do have Workshop Kits available for them. The Workshop Kits come with the papers pre-cut and instructions to make all four scrapbook pages and all five cards. There are two Workshop Kits to choose from. The difference between the two is that one kit includes a set of the Woodland Wishes Thin Cuts & Stamp Set Bundle, so that you can stamp and create to your hearts content at home.



Woodland Wishes Workshop Kit A – $34 (plus tax and shipping)

Workshop Kit Include:

  • Pre-cut Cardstock in Black, White Daisy, and Red Glitter Paper
  • Pre-cut All About The Gold overlays (full package)
  • Uptown Ribbon (full package)
  • 5 White Card Bases and Envelopes


Woodland Wishes Workshop Kit B – $60 (plus tax and shipping)

Workshop Kit Include:

  • Everything in Workshop Kit A, plus…
  • Woodland Wishes Thin Cuts & Stamp Set Bundle (Retail $26.95)


Other Supplies Use For These Projects: 

  • Z2816 Cranberry Exclusive Inks Stamp Pad ($7.95)
  • Z2805 Black Exclusive Inks Stamp Pad ($7.95)
  • My Acrylix Blocks 1″ x 1″ (Y1000), 2″ x 2″ (Y1003), 2″ x 3 1/2″ (Y1009)
  • Z341 Mini Glue Dots ($7.50)
  • Z2060 Thin 3-D Foam Tape ($5.95)
  • Z1836 Non-Stick Micro-tip Scissors ($13.95)



SPECIAL NOTE: If you would like to make both today’s projects and yesterday’s projects, you can order both Workshop Kits and save a bunch. Since both Workshop Kits only use half of the overlays and ribbon, you can add a second Workshop Kit A package for only $10 and a Workshop Kit B package for $36.95. That’s a savings of $24 when you order a Workshop Kit B for Cozy Christmas and a Workshop Kit B for Woodland Wishes.



To order a Workshop Kit, contact me at 



If you have not tried the All About The Gold overlays, yet, I highly recommend them. It’s fantastic how simple they are to use and the way they can add so much to your projects. In addition to order a Workshop Kit from me, you can also find the All About The Gold overlays and all of the products used on today’s projects when you shop online through my website. Just click here.




“It’s the most wonderful time of the year…” for adding some extra sparkle to scrapbook layouts, cards, and paper crafting, right? (Yes, it’s true, I’m still singing Christmas songs.) It’s snowing outside at my house today, and I must say that while I’m enjoying the beautiful wintery view outside my window, I’m glad to be warm and cozy creating fun things, inside. It seems there are things that just make the holidays a little brighter, like shiny silver and gold accents, sparkling glitter, and glistening snowflakes. Today I have some Close To My Heart products to share with you that make it easy to add some sparkle to your holiday and winter scrapbook pages, while still keeping the creating simple.

This time every year, my daughter and I go looking about at our favorite stores, just to find new inspiration that we can incorporate into scrapbooks, cards, and paper crafting projects. It could be a color combination, a mixture of textures, or just about anything. Before Holiday Extravaganza, we made another trek out and about and came home ready to try some new things. The projects I have for you today are actually the scrapbook layouts and cards that my daughter designed after one of these outings. With her permission, I’m sharing them with you today, in hopes that they might be a point of inspiration for your holiday crafting, too.


Let’s take a look at the finished scrapbook pages and cards first, and then I’ll tell you about the supplies that are used to make them. It’s a little hard to see the extra gold and sparkle in the photographs, but you can click on the picture to make it bigger. In person these layouts and cards pack a bunch of shimmer and shine.


Cozy Christmas Scrapbook Layouts & Cards – 






What do you think? I love unique color combination. Let’s take a look at some of the special Close To My Heart products used for these beautiful creations. In addition to Pixie, White Daisy, and Whisper Cardstock, there is All About The Gold overlays, Uptown Ribbon, and Sea Glass Glitter Paper.





The All About The Gold 12″ x 12″ overlays often get mistaken for white Background & Texture Paper with gold foil print when you look at the picture of the package in the Close To My Heart Annual Inspirations Idea Book. Instead, the overlays are clear with gold foil patterns printed on them. That means you can layer any color or style of paper behind the overlay to create your own specialty paper look. In the photo below you can see where I’m lifting up the corner of an overlay on one of the layouts. There is Whisper Cardstock under the overlay, so the color shows through with the bold gold dots on top. Amazing!





Isn’t that fantastic. Now, if you scroll up to the layouts and cards again, look for all the places where you see different patterns of paper. These are all the places where the All About The Gold overlays have been used. Sometimes they are just layered over the White Daisy Cardstock, but other places they are layered on top of colored cardstocks and even over Glitter Paper. The possibilities are endless. You just have to try a package of these overlays. You will love them.


You might also be wondering about the snowflakes and super cute snowmen on the projects. Those are made with Close To My Heart Snowflake Thin Cuts and the Cozy Christmas Thin Cuts & Stamp Bundle. That fantastic snowman comes in a set with stamp designs and matching Thin Cuts to actually build a snowman while you are warm and cozy inside instead of in the cold snow outside.



You can stamp them on cardstock or use the Thin Cuts to quickly cut out the pieces with an embossing machine. With so many different pieces included in the set, you can add different hats, a scarf, the button eyes, carrot nose, and the whole deal. Here’s a closer look at a couple of the snowmen on these projects.







He’s adorable, right? Sad thing is, like all snowmen, he is only here for a short time. The Cozy Christmas Thin Cuts &  Stamp Set Bundle that you use to make this snowman will be retiring December 31, 2016. The good news is that you can order this set now to have at home and be able to build a snowman anytime you want. Click here to shop online.


If you would like to make a set of these scrapbook pages and cards, I do have Workshop Kits available. The Workshop Kits come with papers pre-cut and instructions to make the four scrapbook pages and five cards. There are two Workshop Kits to choose from, one includes the Cozy Christmas Thin Cuts & Stamp Set Bundle, in case you do not have that already. To order a Workshop Kit, contact me at



Cozy Christmas Workshop Kit A – $34 (plus tax and shipping)

Workshop Kit Include:

  • Pre-cut Cardstock in Pixie, Whisper, White Daisy, and Sea Glass Glitter Paper
  • Pre-cut All About The Gold overlays (full package)
  • Uptown Ribbon (full package)
  • 5 White Card Bases and Envelopes


Cozy Christmas Workshop Kit B – $60 (plus tax and shipping)

Workshop Kit Include:

  • Everything in Workshop Kit A, plus…
  • Cozy Christmas Thin Cuts & Stamp Set Bundle (Retail $26.95)


Other Supplies Use For These Projects: 

  • Z2844 Pixie Exclusive Inks Stamp Pad ($7.95)
  • Z2813 Sea Glass Exclusive Inks Stamp Pad ($7.95)
  • Z2872 Whisper Exclusive Inks Stamp Pad ($7.95)
  • My Acrylix Blocks 1″ x 1″ (Y1000), 2″ x 2″ (Y1003), 3″ x 3″ (Y1006), 2″ x 3 1/2″ (Y1009)
  • Z341 Mini Glue Dots ($7.50)
  • Z2060 Thin 3-D Foam Tape ($5.95)
  • Z1836 Non-Stick Micro-tip Scissors ($13.95)



Contact me at

to order your Workshop Kit

and enjoy some creative time and building a snowman inside,

where it’s warm and cozy.




NOTE: Making all of these scrapbook pages and cards only use half of the package of All About The Gold Overlays and half of the Uptown Ribbon. That means you have lots left over for other projects. Visit my blog again tomorrow to see more pictures and information about a second set of scrapbook pages and cards with lots of holiday sparkle. It’s a completely different color combination and so classic.

Here’s a little peek. 






All of the products used for these projects can be found on my blog. Click here to shop online.



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