I have been creating little scrapbook treasures lately and am really enjoying the small format of Close To My Heart My Crush Books and mini albums. The albums I’m making are all different themes and kind of whatever I feel inspired by…my favorite things, people, places, etc. Today I want to share an album that I am really enjoying for scrapbooking my family Christmas time memories. It’s the Close To My Heart My Crush Holiday Happenings Book…and I love it.


My Crush Hol Hap PM


The Holiday Happenings books are 6 1/2″ x 8 1/2″ with 30 wire-bound pages in a Kraft hardcover. I am especially fond of the beautiful pages in this book have a variety of printed vellum, printed cardstock pages, a calendar, and page protectors in various styles. These books are kind of this fantastic blend of Crush Book meets Picture My Life style. Not only is this little album super cute, but it is super simple to use. All you need is a My Crush Holiday Happenings Book, a Holiday Happenings Assortment, a Black Journaling Pen, and some adhesive. The Assortment packages include pre-printed themed cards, envelopes, stickers, and alphabet fonts for personalizing the pages of the books.


Hol Hap Supplies PM


I am enjoying these Holiday Happenings books so much that I got three of them so I could make a little collection of them to bring out each year at Christmas time. Each album will be filled with the highlights and special moments of a different year. It’s kind of like a holiday time capsule. I have finished my album for 2013 (and yes, it’s okay to still be scrapbooking pictures that are almost two years old), and have printed the photos to put in my 2014 for last Christmas. That leaves one more for Christmas 2015 that I’ll be adding to this year.

I’m choosing to use these books as a holiday book, not just Christmas, so it has highlights of things my family and I do throughout the month of December. It has all of those things like Christmas shopping, going to classic holiday movies, holiday traditions, new holiday adventures…all of those things that become part of the holiday season. Here are a couple of pages from my 2013 book.


Hol Hap Dear Santa PM

Hol Hap Movie PM


It seems I always have lots of photos that I want to include over the holidays. The page protectors in the book make that super easy. One of the page protectors is sized for 2″ x 2″ photos. That’s 24 pictures, right there. I got so much in my 2013 Holiday Happenings book. Even those these albums are small, they are a wonderful size full of delightful details and places to create your own holiday story.

If you have Christmas pictures that could use a special home, these My Crush Holiday Happenings Books could be just the thing to help you get your pictures where you can enjoy them and share them.


There are two important things to know about the Holiday Happenings Books.

  1. These books will be retiring soon and are only available while supplies last. But that’s okay. It’s easy to shop on my website and get a couple in the mail to you before they are gone. Just click here to shop online.
  2. These books are on a terrific special during the month of June. When you purchase a My Crush Holiday Happenings Book and Assortment in June, you will receive the “Magical Moment” Stamp Set absolutely free. The stamp set retails for $13.95 normally, however you receive the set as a free gift with your purchase. The stamp set looks like this and is terrific for so many types of projects in addition to making Holiday Happenings Books.


Magical Moment


The holidays always seem so busy and then we head right into the new year. I’m thinking July could be the perfect time to catch up on some of those Christmas festivities. I am going to be hosting a Christmas in July Workshop in Boise so you can bring your photos and holiday memorabilia to put together your My Crush Holiday Happenings.


Email me at Michelle@SomthingAboutSharing.com

if you would like more information about this workshop.


Order your My Crush Holiday Happenings Books before they are gone. I really think you will enjoy putting these little albums together and then revisiting the memories each year when you bring them out to share at Christmas time. I may have to get one or two more for myself, too. They are just fantastic. I’m off to my next creative project. Have a fabulous day.




I have always enjoy taking pictures, capturing moments, and creating albums. My very first camera used 110 film. Do you remember those thin little pocket cameras? I got my camera for my 16th birthday and I loved being able to take my own pictures. My camera wasn’t anything fancy, but the memories it captured were and still are treasures.

I have several albums filled with pictures that I took with my 110 camera, but last week I found myself bringing out one of my favorites. It’s not a typical scrapbook or photo album, it’s actually a very unique book that I created about my senior year of high school. I got to thinking about it because my niece was graduating from high school last Saturday, June 6th, and I suddenly realized I graduated on June 6th, too, however it was a Wednesday night and back in 1984. Yes, it’s been a while.

I thought I would share a little bit of the memory book I made of my senior year with you because I love how it reminds me that there are many ways that we can tell our stories. Sometimes we get stuck thinking scrapbooking or memory keeping needs to look one particular way, but that’s not true. Take a look at the format I used to record my senior year of high school. It’s not a typical photo album or scrapbook and today it looks like this.


Senior Book Cover Collage


Looking through the pages of this book makes me think of the story about the “Velveteen Rabbit” who was so loved that most of it’s hair had been loved off and he had become a little shabby…he had become real.” This book is full of things that were and are very real to me. Here’s how it all came about.


At the beginning of my senior year, the Josten’s company came to the school to show us options for senior class rings. I picked out my ring and as I was placing my order I saw that they had this new type of book that you could get to put all of the memorabilia in from your senior year. I thought it looked super interesting and ordered one to try.

When my order came I wasn’t quite sure how to go about filling all of the blank pages that were in the book. Should I work in chronological order? Where should I start? What kinds of things should be included?


Then I opened the book and found this note inside the front cover…

“This is your book. Not just any book, though. This is one that you write. At your own pace. As little or as much as you want. It exists right now in your hands only as a shell – waiting to be filled with words, pictures, things, memories, whatever you choose to put in it relating to the experiences of your senior year.

It can be a scrapbook, a diary, a graffiti book, a photo album, an autograph book, a memorabilia collector – or it can be all of those things. It can be as light as you want, as serious as you want. As superficial as you want, as revealing as you want. You decide.

Make of it exactly what you want. Just let your mind and your pen run wild. And, do it in your own, unique way.

Again, this is your book. At the end of your senior year, it will be unique – as you are. There will be no other book like it anywhere in the world.

Consider it an open invitation to record a chunk of your life – a capsule of this total sum of your experiences during this most important year in your life. Something you can look back on and cherish in the years to come.

So use it. Make it count. You’ll never be sorry you did. And, besides…you’ll have fun doing it.”


That was just the encouragement I needed. Suddenly I had freedom to make this book anything I wanted. I could fill the pages any way I wanted with blurbs here, bits there, and combinations of things however I connected with them at the time, and so the journey began. This book of my senior year took shape a little bit at a time over those days until I wrapped it all up with photographs from graduation night and our senior trip at the end. I love this book. The instructions at the beginning were exactly right, this is MY book. There is no other book like it.

So would you like to see some of the pages from my special book? Some have autographs and photos, others newspaper articles and special event programs, and others notes and a variety of memorabilia. Here’s a peek into my 1983/84 school year.


Senior Book Page 2 PM

Senior Book Page PM

Senior Book 4 PM

Senior Book Page 3 PM

Senior Book 5 PM


Clearly, I put a lot of things in this book and I have enjoyed looking through it over the years. It is so full that it doesn’t even close and some of the pages have become loose. You see what I mean about the “Velveteen Rabbit?” In the story it says, “Once you become real you can’t become unreal again. It lasts for always.” Margery Williams, The Velveteen Rabbit. This is a book holds a story that lasts for always.


This was a unique format for memory keeping in 1984, however today it would be very similar to the Close To My Heart My Crush Books. I have several My Crush Books in process and I would really like to encourage you to see how fun it is to make a book of your own using Close To My Heart My Crush Books. They are fantastic and perfect for telling your own story and making a book that is like none other.


There are a several My Crush Books to choose from with a variety of versatile themes, including a Christmas book that I love. And guess what…My Crush Books are on special during the month of June. When you purchase a My Crush Book and one of the accessory assortment packs for embellishing the pages, you get a coordinating stamp set free. You can see all of the different books on my website. Just click here.


Summer Crush Special


To get started making your own book and treasure, all you need to do is pick a theme, pick a My Crush Book, and run with it. These books work with any kind of topic. You could make a book about summertime, vacations, camping highlights, family fun, a book of possibilities, a collection of your favorite things… anything. There’s no pressure, no limits, no have-to’s, no need to work in any particular order…just whatever you want to do that makes the book your own.

A My Crush Book would also be a fabulous summer project for kids. How fun would that be for them to get to tell their own story…anything goes. Later they can look back and see the things they were interested in at the time, adventures they had, places they went, and even their own handwriting. Definitely a treasure in the making.

There is something special about having a book that as you flip through pages you are reminded of memories, laughter, people, places, and happy thoughts. As Josten’s said in their note inside the front cover of my senior year book, “Consider it an open invitation to record a chunk of your life – a capsule of…your experiences… Something you can look back on and cherish in the years to come.”

Close To My Heart My Crush Books make it easy for us to accept the invitation to make something uniquely ours where each book tells a special story all it’s own. There are My Crush Books and blank pages just waiting for us to fill them up with snapshots, thoughts, dreams, and shared moments. Visit my website and order a book for yourself, for a friend, for your kids, and let the storytelling continue.

Enjoy the moments today, and tomorrow. Michelle



For my 10th birthday my friends and I helped my dad make homemade ice cream. At the time we had a hand crank ice cream maker. Do you remember those? Sometimes when I was little we took turns standing on top of the freezer to hold it down as the ice cream began to freeze and the handle became harder to turn. It took a little time to get that ice cream perfectly frozen, but it was well worth the wait. It was delicious. I’m am an ice cream fan, year-round, however memories like that make ice cream a particularly favorite summertime memory for me.

I’ve been enjoying creating some cards to send to friends today. Since it is June now, and that is my birthday month, the Close To My Heart “Ice Cream Dream” Stamp Set seemed perfect for this week’s happy mail. These are the designs in this new stamp set. Aren’t they fun and perfect for the beginning of summer?


Ice Cream Dream June SOM


I like the sort of whimsical outline design of these stamp images and the blend of fonts in the messages. There are a lot of different ways you can use the designs. They are perfect for doing a little coloring with ShinHan Markers or Watercolor Pencils. I also like to use outline designs like these with simple paper piecing techniques. I did a little of both in my projects today.

Here’s how my card project turned out. It was quick and easy, yet colorful and cheery. A clean, simple design let me make several cards at once. I added some additional outlining around the cardstock pieces and the card base with a Black Journaling Pen to tie it all together.


June SOM Card


I know it is early in the season, but I’ve already made some homemade ice cream this year. As I was finishing my cards I thought a scrapbook layout for summer ice cream photos might be fun, too. I liked the colors and simplicity of this card so much, that I used it as inspiration for a couple of pages. What do you think? It’s just quick, simple cardstock pieces with fun colors and a couple of ice cream accents made from the “Ice Cream Dream” Stamp Set.


June SOM Layout 2


There really isn’t a lot to this page design, but that’s what I like about it. I think sometimes simplicity can be the secret to a great scrapbook layout. It’s so easy to go crazy with extra stuff on scrapbook pages, however, sometimes by keeping the design a little understated, the photographs on the page will stand out a little bit more.

This is a pretty great summertime stamp set. I’m looking forward to adding pictures to my pages and putting some of these cards in the mail to friends. You can enjoy some creative time with the “Ice Cream Dream” Stamp Set, when you place an order on my website in June.

The stamp set is only available this month and you can get the whole stamp set for only $5 with a $50 order. The regular retail price on the set is $17.95, so it’s terrific to be able to get it at a big discount when you order some other things you may like to create with this month. Click here to  shop online  and take a peek at all of the other fabulous Close To My Heart products to spark your creativity for summertime fun.

All of this talk about ice cream has created a craving. I may have to make some ice cream tonight, along with some hot fudge sauce and strawberries. Yum. It is definitely time for some summertime favorites.




Today is the last day of school where I live and people seem very eager to embrace summertime. Everyone seems ready to enjoy those longer days, a change of pace, and summer travels. How about you? Any vacations planned? I love to travel. It truly is one of my very favorite things.

For June I have designed a set of pages that will be ready for your summer adventures and travel photos. Or, you may have travel photos from previous road trips or vacations that have been needing a place in your albums. I hope the June scrapbook layouts can help you get those awesome memories in albums where you can continue to enjoy them.

I have used the Close To My Heart Wanderful Paper Packet, Assortment, and Picture My Life Cards in my scrapbook layouts for this month. As I was designing the pages I really kept coming back to fond memories of road maps from when I was a kid. There was no GPS or MapQuest back in the day. We actually used road maps, planned out the route, and followed along on the map as we traveled from here to there. Those maps often colored with lighter shades of blues, yellows, and pinks with black lines connecting the dots. So, I added some Smoothie, Honey, and Black Cardstock to the Wanderful Paper Packet and this is what I came up with. What do you think?


Wanderful L1 PM

Wanderful L2 PM

Wanderful L3 PM


If you are not familiar with Picture My Life Cards, they are definitely something worth exploring. Picture My Life Cards come in a variety of different themes that coordinate with Close To My Heart Paper Packs. While the are designed as 3″ x 4″ and 4″ x 6″ cards that you can slip into Pocket Pages for fast scrapbook pages, they are also really terrific for combining with classic scrapbooking, card making, and lots of other types of projects.

The cards are pre-printed with fantastic designs that can become colorful photo mats, instant journal spots, quick titles, and terrific themed icon embellishments. Here are a few samples on some of the cards that come in the Wanderful Picture My Life set.



Wanderful PLM Cards PM


If you look closely, you can see where I have incorporated the bottom three cards in the scrapbook layouts shown above. Can you find them on my pages?

And here you can see close ups of the Wanderful Assortment  that I added as accents on the pages, along with some more of the Picture My Life Cards. The Assortment has 10 adhesive-backed mix of epoxy shapes, embossed metal shapes, and painted metal shapes. They are really fun and an easy embellishment to the pages.


Wanderful Assortment PM


Wanderful Collage


I am super excited to share these scrapbook layouts with you this month. As a special bonus this month, I thought I would help us all out by including half of a Wanderful Picture My Life Card package with the Workshop Kits, along with one Pocket Page Protector that you can used to just slide your extra pictures and cards into for some story extension spaces. I don’t know about you, but I tend to always have an abundance of pictures when I travel. The Pocket Pages area a perfect solution to lots of photos.

You can put the Pocket Page behind your classic scrapbook pages or even sandwich it in between a layout in your album. They are fabulous for adding more of the pictures that make you smile without needing to create additional full layouts for all of your photographs. I think you will really like the simplicity of combining the Picture My Life in with your pages.

That means, by including the front and back of the Pocket Page Protector and Picture My Life Cards you will get 8 pages of scrapbooking fun with the June Scrapbook Workshop.


You can sign up to attend a Scrapbook Workshop if you live in the Boise area, or you can order a Scrapbook Workshop Kit and I’ll drop it in the mail to you with instructions on how to put it all together. Either way, with these scrapbook pages you can say, “Ready. Set. Go.” to more travel adventures and fun memory making this summer.


Contact me at Michelle@SomethingAboutSharing.com

to order a Workshop Kit or reserve a Workshop date.


June Scrapbook Workshop Kits – $35.00(plus tax and shipping)


Workshop Kits Include:

  • X7191B “Wanderful” Paper Packet
  • Z3010 Wanderful Assortment
  • Z3062 Wanderful Picture My Life Cards (1/2 pkg)
  • Extra Cardstock, Cricut Titles, and 1- Pocket Page Protector


Other Supplies Used On These Pages:

  • Z2060 Thin 3-D Foam Tape ($5.95)
  • Z1836 Non-Stick Micro-Tip Scissors ($13.95)
  • Z1979 Black Journaling Pen ($3.25)



Friday, June 12 at 6:30 PM

Friday, June 26 at 6:30 PM

Here’s to lots of summertime memory making. Whether your travels take you down the road to the park, across the country, or around the world, enjoy the moments and new adventures.

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I really enjoy having photos around my house. You know, pictures of the people in my life, the adventures we have shared, the moments that make me smile. It’s kind of a warm fuzzy sort of moment to hold pictures, turn pages in albums, and look at them together with friends. Do you know what I mean? I know I could just scroll through the photos on my iPhone to look at my pictures, but it’s just not the same. These is just something special about printed photographs.

So, I have this idea. I’m thinking about putting together a bunch of little mini albums of photo highlights. Mini albums can be such a fun place to put a collection of favorite snapshots and moments. Wouldn’t it be kind of fun to have a grouping of different sizes and styles of mini albums with old photos, new photos, instagram moments, the every day, the special occasions, etc? I could put them in a basket on the living room table, on a small shelf, or just have some here and there for everyone to enjoy. I can see where these little albums could become little photo treasures.

Close To My Heart has several styles of mini albums and I am really intrigued by the possibilities of two of their newest mini albums, the My Creations Mini Mix Album and the My Creations Mini Folio. Take a look at this video that shows some special features of these two albums.



What do you think? Lots of potential, right? I am ordering some of these mini albums today and making a list of different themes I have in mind for them so I’m ready to start creating my collection when they arrive.

I am really excited to share some of my finished projects with you, too. Come visit my blog again and watch for the updates on my mini album adventures. It will be fun to see how they all come together.

If you would like to create some mini albums along with me, you can find them on my website. There’s nothing quite as easy as shopping online and then having a package of happy mail delivered to your door. Click here to shop online and then get ready to have some fun.

Snap a picture or two of something you’re doing today and enjoy the moments.



Happy National Scrapbook Month!

How are you celebrating this fun month of memory making and memory keeping? One of the ways I celebrate is to host the annual Scrapbook Fiesta event and share some creative time with friends. Scrapbook Fiesta is a fabulously festive day full of scrapbooking and crafting for everyone. After all, what could be better than a day set aside where you can create to your hearts content and visit with friends at the same time?


Scrapbook Fiesta Collage


These are a couple of pictures from last year’s celebration. As you can see, Scrapbook Fiesta is truly and fantastic way to celebrate and there is something about sharing a crafting day with your buddies (new and old) that makes for a lot of happy moments. We laugh, create, and have a wonderful time together.

I provide plenty of space for crafting, lunch, music, give-aways on the hour, along with Cricut machines, embossing machines, fonts, stamps, papers…everything at your fingertips. You just bring your basic tools, supplies, photographs, and project materials that you have pulled together for the things you want to work on during the day.

Scrapbook Fiesta is a great time to get photos on pages and add completed stories to your albums, but it is a perfect time to make cards or any other paper crafting projects you would like. There is even free Wi-Fi so you can come and make scrapbook pages using Studio J, Close To My Heart’s online scrapbooking option.



Scrapbook Fiesta 2015

DATE: Saturday May 30

TIME: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

LOCATION:  All Events Meridian in Meridan, Idaho

Registration Fee: $35

To register contact, Michelle@SomethingAboutSharing.com

Registration Deadline: Monday, May 18



Scrapbook Fiesta includes…

  • Six hours of open crop & create time
  • Four exclusive scrapbook pages designed for Fiesta
  • Open stock cardstock by the piece in 42 colors
  • Access to us CTMH Cricut Cartridges (2800 designs) & Machines, Embossing Folders & Machines, CTMH Stamp Sets & Ink
  • Free Wi-Fi for Studio J Online Scrapbooking
  • Lunch and Snacks
  • Door Prizes and Give-Aways throughout the day


These are the scrapbook pages that I have designed to be a part of this day. A full Workshop Kit with everything to make these pages is included with your Scrapbook Fiesta registration.


Fiesta L1 PM

Fiesta L2 PM


I chose a bright color palette for this year that coordinates with the new CTMH Carnival Washi Tape set that is shown below. I really like the variety of tape widths and messages that are included in the washi tape set. I also chose some die-cut shapes and titles that I cut on CTMH Crictut cartridges that have a little “signs of today” with hashtag titles and accents. The pages are easy to put together and definitely have a lot of possibilities for preserving so many different types of memories. Carnival Washi Tape 2

Special Note: If you are unable to attend Scrapbook Fiesta, you can order a Workshop Kit To Go for $20 (plus tax and shipping) The Workshop Kit will come with everything you need to make all four pages.



Do you have scrapbook pages that are ready for photos or photos you need to get off of your cell phones and computers? How about unfinished crafting projects sitting around your house? Or has it just been too long since you’ve had some time set aside to get into your creative groove? Scrapbook Fiesta is a fantastic day to just enjoy doing the creative things you like to do.

If you are in the Boise area I would love for you to come and enjoy this year’s Scrapbook Fiesta. It’s going to be great fun.


To register for Scrapbook Fiesta or to order a Workshop Kit To Go,

Contact Michelle Snyder at (208) 713-2940

or, Michelle@SomethingAboutSharing.com





A couple of SPECIALS to make the celebrating even sweeter…

You can also celebrate National Scrapbook Month with Close To My Heart’s exclusive “Taste Of Summer” Paper Packet and Stamp Set. These two great new products are only available in May, so it’s a small window. I have been having lots of fun creating with them and I think you will, too.


Taste Of Summer Paper


Featuring bold, vibrant colors, this limited edition paper packet is perfect to pair with your sweet summery memories and so much more. It’s super cute and provides delicious designs for your layouts, cards, and paper crafting projects.

In addition to the great paper packet, this D-size stamp set is overflowing with sweet potential. The stamp set includes 15 different stamp images with a fantastic combination of solid designs, messages, and accessory pieces. You get all of these great images for only $17.95 and only in May.


Taste Of Summer Stamps


Creating with these stamps will be so much fun. It’s definitely designed with faster, easier, simpler projects in mind. See how the strawberry is separate from the step and the little berry dots are not attached to the vine? That makes it so much easier to quickly stamp them in different colors to have a multi-colored looking print image without any masking. Love that!

And just in case all of that is not exciting enough, there are even two workshops available to go with the “Taste Of Summer” Paper Packet – one for scrapbooking and one for card making. Close To My Heart designed two workshops that are complete with cutting diagrams, instructions, a list of other supplies you might like to use, and pictures. I  have already used these workshops to make some cards and scrapbook pages. They are quick and easy to use. It’s awesome!


TOS Scrapbook Collage TOS Cards Collage


If you are attending Scrapbook Fiesta and would like to have this terrific paper and stamp set to enjoy during the day, you can add it to your registration fee and I’ll bring it to Scrapbook Fiesta for you. You can even make the card or scrapbooking workshops while you are there.

If you cannot attend Scrapbook Fiesta, no worries. I can send them to you with your Scrapbook Fiesta Workshop Kit To Go, or you can find them all on my website. There is no qualifying purchase required to get in on these terrific National Scrapbook Month specials and you can order as many sets as you like. Click here to enjoy the ease of shopping online and order your sets at your convenience. Just remember, there are only available for the month of May.


Happy National Scrapbook Month and however you decide to celebrate, take some pictures, make some memories, and carve out some time to put your stories on pages where you can revisit and share the moments.



If you have not seen the new Close To My Heart Seasonal Expressions 2 book, you really need to flip through the pages of this terrific new CTMH edition and soak up some fresh inspiration. It is full of delightful new products and artwork to energize your creativity like the Blossom Paper Packet, Complements, and accessories that I’ve used for the May Scrapbook Workshops and Kits. I have had so much fun creating these Blossom scrapbook layouts to share with you this month. So…let’s take a look at how they came together.


Blossom L1 PM


Blossom L2 PM


Blossom L3 PM


Isn’t this a fantastic color combination? I think it has a really great fresh energy that would be perfect for so many different types of stories for your albums. Just image the great memory keeping you could do when you add your photos to these pages. Whether your pictures are indoors or outdoors, happy celebrations or quiet moments, with family or friends, …you name it. I think you will have great fun creating these pages and telling your stories this month.


The Blossom page also incorporate some brand new accessories that I really enjoyed. Take a look at the Blossom Assortment shown below. The pieces are actually metal-rimmed, enamel-filled designs that are not only super cute, but also adhesive-backed, so they are easy to add to your pages. They kind of remind me of Disney Trading Pins. I love them. The new Glacier Thick Twine and Coral Reef Sequins add a terrific blend of bling and texture to the pages, too.


Blossom Accessories Collage


And then there are these fantastic borders, titles, and accent pieces that are included in the Blossom Complements. This adhesive-backed artwork makes embellishing a breeze.


Blossom Complements


Here are some close up views of how some of these awesome accessories came together to jazz up these pages. I just love how great all of the different textures and elements look together. And can I just say again how much a love this color scheme? So fun.


Blossom L3 Collage PM


Delightful PM


Blossom L1 Collage PM


I would really enjoy having you come and join me in some creative time at a workshop to make these pages. There are a couple of different dates to choose from, so check your calendar and then let me know what date to reserve a spot for you at a workshop.


May Workshop Dates

  • Friday, May 8 at 6:30 PM
  • Saturday, May 16 at 10:00 AM
  • Friday, May 22 at 6:30 PM


NOTE: You can also make these pages at this year’s Scrapbook Fiesta on Saturday, May 30. There’s more information coming soon about this special day, open crop, and creative celebration for National Scrapbooking Month.


If you do not live in the Boise area, can’t make the dates, or would like to give a Workshop Kit as a gift, I would gladly put together a Workshop Kit To Go and put it in the mail to you. Just send me an email and let me know what works best for you.


May Scrapbook Workshop Kits – $30

(plus tax and shipping)

Workshop Package Includes:

  • X7196B Blossom Paper Packet
  • X7196C Blossom Complements
  • Z3039 Glacier Thick Twine
  • Z3042 Coral Reef Sequins
  • Additional Cardstock, Cricut title letters, and supplies


Other Supplies Used On These Pages:

  • Z3072 Blossom Assortments ($5.95)   –  (One of my favorites)
  • Z2641 Glacier Ink Pad ($5.95)
  • Z2197 Pear Ink Pad ($5.95)
  • Z2191 Sunset Ink Pad ($5.95)
  • Z2195 Lagoon Ink Pad ($5.95)
  • Z1151 3-D Foam Tape ($5.95)
  • Z1836 Non-Stick Micro-Tip Scissors ($13.95)
  • Z341 Mini Glue Dots ($7.95)


To reserve a spot at a Workshop or to order a Workshop Kit To Go, Contact Michelle Snyder at (208) 713-2940

– or –





In case you didn’t know, May is National Scrapbooking Month, and Close To My Heart has designed a special limited edition paper packet and stamp set called Taste Of Summer. These exclusive designs are available only in May. You can order add them to your order when you shop on my website or when you order your May Scrapbook Workshop Kit.


Taste Of Summer Paper

Taste Of Summer Stamps

I’ll be sharing some fun projects with the Taste Of Summer Paper Packet and Stamp Set throughout the month. You’ll enjoy the bright splash of color these bring to your projects this month, too.


Click here to shop CTMH online with Michelle Snyder.




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