What was your favorite thing to do at recess when you were in Elementary School? Was it four square, tether ball, soccer, or climbing on the playground equipment? How about marbles, a game of tag, or a turn on the swings? In between scrapbooking and creating I am also substitute teacher in grades 1-5. Without a doubt, I can say that recess is still a favorite time of the day for students.

As I was designing the Scrapbook Workshop Kits for March using the delightful Close  To My Heart Hopscotch Collection I found myself reflecting on happy thoughts of school recesses, sidewalk chalks, hopscotch courts, and laughter with friends in my childhood. The papers, colors, patterns, textures, and accessories in this collection are really fabulous. They just feel very… happy.

The three layouts for this month feature the Hopscotch Paper Packet, Complements, and Badge Button Assortment. The page compositions are inspired by the Close To My Heart How-To Programs that provide composition designs, cutting diagrams, and instructions to put the pages together. If you have not see these valuable resources, they are definitely something to add to your creative resources. They make it so much fast to make beautiful pages.


Hopscotch Layout 1 PM

Hopscotch Layout 2 PM

Hopscotch Layout 3 PM


I accessorized the pages with Flaxen Thick Twine, the new CTMH Mini Stapler, and the Assorted Edges Stamp Set. I must say, I had as much fun with these accessorizes as I did the paper packet. The Mini Stapler has an easy-grip shape making it no problem at all to place staples right where you want them. The mini size of the staples made them terrific for attaching the twine to the page and even just adding little embellishment accents here and there. The stamp set adds terrific borders and subtle highlights to bring elements together.


Hopscotch Accessories Collage PM



Assorted Edges

D1635 Assorted Edges Stamp Set


Here you can see some of the details where I partnered the adhesive-backed Hopscotch Complements with the Mini Stapler and accessories to make fun titles and scatter colorful shapes around the pages.


Hopscotch Details Collage PM


I really enjoyed creating these pages to share with you this month and I hope you will enjoy making a set for your photo memories, too. Any photographs that make you smile or just illustrate examples of things that make a great day would be perfect on these pages. Add a little “happy” to your albums this month by ordering one of my Hopscotch Workshop Kits or signing up to attend a Workshop in the Boise area. Here’s how…


March Scrapbook Workshops and Kits


Workshop Package – $29.00 (plus tax and shipping)

  • X7194B Hopscotch Paper Packet
  • X7194C Hopscotch Complements
  • Z3036 Flaxen Thick Twine
  • Additional Cardstock and Supplies


Other Items Used On These Layouts:

  • Z3016 Hopscotch Assortment ($5.95)
  • D1635 Assorted Edges ($17.95)
  • Z2027 Mini Stapler ($12.95)
  • Z2642 Flaxen Ink Pad ($5.95)
  • Z2196 Smoothie Ink Pad ($5.95)
  • Z1836 Non-Stick Micro-Tip Scissors ($13.95)
  • Z1151 3-D Foam Tape ($5.95)


March Scrapbook Workshop Dates:

  • Saturday, March 7 at 1:00 PM
  • Friday, March 13 at 6:30 PM
  • Friday, March 20 at 6:30 PM


To register for a Scrapbook Workshop Date

or to order a Workshop Kit, contact Michelle Snyder

at Michelle@SomethingAboutSharing.com.




A few days ago I shared a colorful layout with you from a very creative day that made me so happy to have enjoyed Close To My Heart over the last 22 years. Well, that creative frenzy didn’t stop with the scrapbook page, as I was having so much fun with those bright beautiful Close To My Heart colors and the new Brushstrokes Stamp Set. Today I thought I would share a couple of other projects with you to spark your creativity, encourage you to see more possibilities with your stamp sets, and add a splash of color to your day.

In addition to the Brushstrokes Stamp Set I also added the very versatile Doodled Designs Stamp Set and a couple of message stamps that are a super value with Close To My Heart. In the photo collages below you will see a sample of the card projects, along with the stamp sets I used for each one. There are eight fantastic designs in the Brushstrokes set. To make it easier to see which stamp images are used in each project, I circled and labeled the designs so you can make them, too.



Card 1: This quick simple design is so cheerful with those bold colorful prints in the background. The message stamp “Sweeter With You” is stamped inside the Doodled Designs circle in black ink for a crisp contrast to the other colors. I added a simple border with a Black Journaling Pen to frame the card and make it feel more complete.


Brushstrokes Sweeter Card Collage PM



Card 2: The bottom border on this card is made with the same stamp design used in Card 1. The difference is that instead of stamping on a larger, main focus piece of cardstock I only stamped on a 1-1/2″ strip of White Daisy Cardstock. That color strip is then layered on top of coordinating cardstock colors and attached to the card base. The circle from the Brushstrokes stamps makes a terrific highlight spot behind the “Make A Wish” stamped message.


Brushstrokes Wish Collage PM



Card 3: This card was inspired by a sample in the Close To My Heart Seasonal Inspirations 1 book. Close To My Heart Idea Books are fantastic for project ideas. I just love using the broad brushstroke stamp design for cake layers. It makes the cake look so festive. The candles are stamped using the end of the straight arrow and the flames are made with the row of dots stamp design. Quick and simple. Add a “Make A Wish” message, layer with colored cardstock, and frame the whole thing with a Black Journaling Pen. A fabulous birthday card that is truly “a piece of cake.”


Brushstrokes Cake Collage PM



Card 4: And for this one…I went a totally different direction to make a flower design. I used the same stamp image from the Brushstrokes Stamp Set for the flower petals and the leaves. The difference is just the way you make the print. For the flower petals, I put the smaller pointed end of the design toward the middle and the larger end pointed out. For the leaves, the smaller end points out and the larger end points toward the flower or what would be the stem. The circle stamp design make the flower center. I popped the flower and the flower center with Thin 3-D Foam Tape to add some depth. I think that helps to give the project some extra dimension between the leaves, petals, and center. 3-D Foam Tape comes in two thicknesses. I use the thin tape for cards most of the time because it goes through the mail a little easier.


Brushstrokes Flowers Collage PM


As you can see in the random stamped piece of cardstock shown in the photo inset, the stamped flowers are very loose and more Impressionistic. I love that and can’t wait to use that stamped cardstock for a scrapbook layout. To give some extra definition to the single flower print on the card front, I used a Black Journaling Pen to make a very light line border around each stamped piece to help frame the petals, leaves, and center. I used the small dots and hearts from the Doodled Designs to make accents on the card and framed the whole focal point with a double black squiggle line.


These are just a few ideas of more things you can do with the Brushstrokes Stamp Set. I am so glad Close To My Heart brings so many options to my creative moments. If you missed the scrapbook layout, click here to visit that post.

All of the projects I have shared with you today feature Close To My Heart products. I love the way the paper and ink colors all coordinate so that everything matches. For these projects I am using paper and ink in Lagoon, Pear, Thistle, Cotton Candy, Smoothie, and Canary. Together they are very happy colors that were fabulous for making some “happy mail” to send to family and friends. I do love sharing Close To My Heart and a colorful, creative world with the people in my life. Don’t you?

You can let your creative side get crazy with these whimsical stamp designs, ink colors, and papers, too. Click here to shop on my website and get ready to have some fun splashing color on your projects. Whether you enjoy Classic Scrapbooking, Crush Books, cardmaking, paper crafting, or party planning, the Brushstrokes Stamp Set is one of the must have resources to help you get along the way.

Have a colorful, creative, bright, and happy kind of day. Make it awesome and enjoy.



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Waffle Love Layout w Photos PM


I found myself smiling a lot while I was doing some creating recently. I was working with a new stamp set, bright colors, and photographs of shared moments with Close To My Heart friends, and I found myself smiling at the thought of how much more colorful my life seems with Close To My Heart in it.

It’s true. I do enjoy bright colors; the energy, happy vibes, and fun that they bring to my projects. With 40 different colors to choose from in the Close To My Heart palette, my creative moments are definitely colorful. However, there is another kind of “colorful” that I love about having spent the last 21 years working with Close To My Heart as an Independent Consultant. Colorful can mean simply “full of color,” however it can also be used to describe something that is bright, vibrant, full of variety, richly eventful, eye-catching, interesting, and even fresh. Here’s an example.

The pictures I chose to use on the scrapbook layout shown above are from a Close To My Heart Team Builder’s Conference that I was able to attend last November. In between sessions, Close To My Heart arranged for the Waffle Love food truck to come to our location and serve up some of the tastiest treats for all of us. You can tell by the pictures that we were all delighted by our fun surprise; however what I love the most are the smiles, friendships, and laughter that we enjoy every time we get together…even when we are working. Close To My Heart has a very intentional and special way of making everyone in the Close To My Heart family feel valued, special, and a part of something important. There is something about sharing moments, smiles, and the things you enjoy that make life more colorful. I’m pretty lucky to work in a setting that not only brings more color to my creative moments, but also to my life.


So would you like to know a little more about the creative process to my project for today?

There is a new Close To My Heart stamp set called Brushstrokes that is shown in their Seasonal Expressions 1 book. I love it! I’ve been splashing color on everything lately and I know that I have still only begun to tap into the potential of this fabulous stamp set. It has quickly become one of my favorites and I think you will enjoy it, too. The eight designs included in the Brushstrokes Stamp Set look like this.

Brushstrokes Images At first glance you might be thinking, how are a bunch of squiggles, spots, and arrows something so valuable? What do you do with those? Well…can I just say, “everything.” I use these designs all the time. Here are some closer pictures of places where I used the different designs on this scrapbook layout. Do you see all of the different pieces?


Brushstrokes Collage PM

These brushstrokes and squiggles make fabulous borders, journal spot backgrounds, and accent colors on scrapbook layouts. I’ve also used them to create colorful cards and gift bags and even arranged the designs to turn them into whimsical hearts and flowers and … seriously endless fun.

Let’s take a closer look at today’s project. Here’s the layout without the photos to make it a little easier to see where the all the stamped images come in. I love the page base by itself and found that it really lent itself to lots of different types of photographs and stories.


Brushstrokes Layout PM

From this colorful base, I added the photographs, titles, and journal spots to help me tell my story. I used black letters for the titles to give a crisp contrast to the bold ink and paper colors. I like clean simple lines, so I used a couple of techniques to be able to add more to my storytelling without making the layout too cluttered.


Pull Tabs: The first technique was to pop the main focus photograph on the left page of the layout so that I could slip a pull-out tab behind it. This gave an extra story spot where I added a photograph of the menu that was on the side of the Waffle Love truck. I like these kinds of little details. The sign tells more about what the types of waffles we could choose from, the pricing, it even shows the style of lettering on the sign that gives a real “sign of the times” to add to the memory I was preserving.


Waffle Love Menu Tab PM


Flip Flaps: The second thing that I did was to add a 4″ x 6″ Flip Flap to the front of the Memory Protector. Flip Flaps are fantastic for easy story expansion spots. This let me include an extra photograph and have a section underneath that is set aside for the journaling to complete the story.


Waffle Love Flip Flap PM


I really enjoy this layout with the it’s bright splashes of color and the way it captures a colorful moment, too. I can honestly say from firsthand experience that things like interesting, richly-eventful, and full of variety, are things that describe my life with Close To My Heart. With Close To My Heart I have traveled around the world, enjoyed new adventures, embraced new experiences, learned so many new things, taken care of my families financial needs, and made lasting friendships that I treasure. All of these things make my heart happy, bring a smile to my face, and fill my mind with memorable stories. That is living a very “colorful” life, and I love it.


If you would like to make your life more colorful, too, here are a couple of things you could do today.

1. Take a moment to share a smile with a friend today. Give a friend a call, send a happy text, meet for lunch, drop off a card with encouraging words, or even share a special treat. Little things can really brighten a day and the smile you share can last a long time.

2. Visit my website and order this fantastic stamp set to add to your creative resources. Click here to shop. You might even pick up a couple of new colors to enjoy. When you create things that make you happy it will spill over to other areas of the day.

3. Think about one thing that might make your world more “colorful.” Maybe Close To My Heart could be part of helping you accomplish that thing. If you would like to know more about being part of my Team and sharing in this colorful Close To My Heart adventure with me, email me at Michelle@SomethingAboutSharing.com. I would love to share this journey with you, too.


I hope you enjoyed today’s scrapbook layout showing different ways to use the Brushstrokes Stamp Set to add colorful highlights and the two techniques for expanding your story on your scrapbook pages.

Come and visit again tomorrow to see how I transform this same stamp set into heart shapes, flowers, cards, and other projects that you won’t want to miss. Enjoy your day…and make it colorful.



Valentine's Day Treats


This morning I am finishing up my CTMH Valentine Treats and baking some cookies for family and friends. It’s a great day for sharing the love and making everyone’s day a little sweeter. To help you celebrate Valentine’s Day I wanted to share a little extra Close To My Heart love with you, too. Here are a couple of sweet deals you can enjoy today.


I am giving away

$25 in FREE Close To My Heart

shopping TODAY.


That’s right. You could win a $25 shopping spree in CTMH products. To be entered in the $25 drawing, simply place an order on my website and select to join “Michelle’s February Online Gathering” at check out. Once you place your order, I will put your name on a ticket for the drawing. All orders count, so you can choose from any CTMH products, including Studio J online scrapbooking. And, for every $50 you have in your order I will add another ticket to the drawing with your name on it.


PLUS… Enjoy this sweet deal

     “buy one, get one 1/2 price”

          on all new Close To My Heart Albums.


This super special is only available in February and saves you over $17 on two new albums. The special includes both the D-Ring and Post-Bound Albums in all three coated canvas cover designs. They are beautiful. With this special it’s a perfect time to pick up some new albums to get your photographs off of your cameras, cell phones, and computers and into albums where you can enjoy them and share them. At this price they are terrific gifts, too.


Album Allure Collage



Remember, the Valentine’s Day $25 Give-Away is only available today. Shopping is easy. Just click the link below to my website. You’ll find lots of wonderful products for all of your crafting, scrapbooking, home decor, and even party planning needs.

Shop CTMH with Michelle Snyder


I hope that you are enjoying sharing moments with the people who are special in your life and spreading some love along the way as you celebrate Valentine’s Day this year. Whatever this day finds you doing, snap a quick photo of the people you are spending the day with and be sure you are in a picture or two, as well. I’m off to finish my cookies. Enjoy your day.




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